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The Amazing Solitaire Arena

The Amazing Solitaire Arena It is amazing how a simple game like Solitaire can be so much fun and exciting. Solitaire Arena is simple yet addictive as it connects you to hundreds and thousands of players from around the world. Mehr lessen

WWGDB Is Now Mobile on All Devices

WWGDB Is Now Mobile on All Devices This amazing new website has just been released on all mobile formats, so now you can find reviews, articles and much more on all your favorite games on your smartphone or tablet! Mehr lessen

Icy Run Is Now Available on iOS

 Icy Run Is Now Available on iOS Apple users rejoice! You can now download Icy Run for your iPhones or iPads for free! Mehr lessen
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Dienstag, September 27, 2016

Neues Spiel ist hinzugefügt: Candy Blast Mania

Victory in Candy Blast Mania Candy Blast Mania: Win amazing rewards Match delicious candies in Candy Blast Mania Match candies and reach various goals to proceed to the next level.

Beat the Gummy Bear King and enjoy great bonuses and rewards.

Play 1,000+ levels of exciting match-3 puzzle games.
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Sonntag, September 25, 2016

Neues Spiel ist hinzugefügt: Bubble Sheep Deluxe

Bubble Sheep Deluxe: Shooting Sheep to Rescue in Bubble Sheep Deluxe Gameplay in Bubble Sheep Deluxe Aim and shoot at 3 or more similar colored bubbles to pop them.

Rescue sheep trapped among bubbles with a limited number of bubbles.

Unlock new challenging levels by completing the assigned tasks in the previous one.
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Freitag, September 23, 2016

Neues Spiel ist hinzugefügt: Sweet Road

Sweet Road starting off Sweet Road gameplay Sweet Road challenging level Immerse yourself in this quality match-3 game that impresses on all fronts.

Help Gretel on her quest to rescue Hansel from the evil witch.

Return to play the game on a daily basis and get a chance to earn great rewards that’ll benefit you quite a lot during the gameplay.
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Mittwoch, September 21, 2016

Neues Spiel ist hinzugefügt: Board Kings

Board Kings Bank City in Board Kings Board Kings Dice Roll Build your own city as you hop around your very own board game.

Attack your friends towns for loot and bonuses.

Enjoy a beautiful and entertaining game full of fun.
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Montag, September 19, 2016

Neues Spiel ist hinzugefügt: Funny Planet

Funny Planet Rockets Funny Planet Asteroids Funny Planet Spaceship See how casual gaming and the planets can come together in this exciting Match 3 game.

Match up planets and create amazing power ups that will blow your mind away.

Crush all the level’s goals, and achieve the highest score in your friends list.
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Samstag, September 17, 2016

Neues Spiel ist hinzugefügt: Button Tales

Button Tales: Game Play Different Levels in Button Tales Button Tales: Match-3 Game Flip and Drag buttons in this thrilling match-3 game.

Unlock new tougher and challenging levels in a limited number of moves.

Match buttons to unlock power ups that can help you evade tough situations.

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Donnerstag, September 15, 2016

Neues Spiel ist hinzugefügt: Despicable Me

Despicable Me: Guru's Lab New Maps in Despicable Me Despicable Me: Collect Bananas Live the life of a minion and do despicable acts to score more.

Take a trip through Guru’s lab while avoiding obstacles and collecting bananas as a minion.

Unlock upgrades and special missions and run around amidst the Egyptian pyramids.
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Dienstag, September 13, 2016

Neues Spiel ist hinzugefügt: Monster Toons 2

Monster Toons 2: Tutorial Gameplay of Monster Toons 2 Monster Toons 2: Special Monsters Save CartoonLand in this match-3 game by eliminating the baby monsters.

Match similar colored baby monsters in limited number of moves to win cool rewards.

Use super monsters as power ups to evade tougher levels with ease.
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