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The Amazing Solitaire Arena

The Amazing Solitaire Arena It is amazing how a simple game like Solitaire can be so much fun and exciting. Solitaire Arena is simple yet addictive as it connects you to hundreds and thousands of players from around the world. Mehr lessen

WWGDB Is Now Mobile on All Devices

WWGDB Is Now Mobile on All Devices This amazing new website has just been released on all mobile formats, so now you can find reviews, articles and much more on all your favorite games on your smartphone or tablet! Mehr lessen

Icy Run Welcomes Its First Major Update

Icy Run Welcomes Its First Major Update Come and check out some of these amazing brand new features in Icy Run! Mehr lessen
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Samstag, März 25, 2017

Neues Spiel ist hinzugefügt: Penguin Pals: Arctic Rescue

Penguin Pals: Arctic Rescue gameplay Penguin Pals: Arctic Rescue challenging level Penguin Pals: Arctic Rescue level selection screen Help the penguins of the arctic save their land by collapsing all the illegal oil wells that have been built up.

Enjoy simple and addictive gameplay that’s sure to have you coming back for more every single time.

Utilize a variety of different power-ups that are sure to test your skills.
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Mittwoch, März 22, 2017

Neues Spiel ist hinzugefügt: Imperial Island 3

Improving the empire in Imperial Island 3 Finding hidden objects in Imperial Island 3 Match-3 board puzzles in Imperial Island 3 Help Emperor Omadan seek a new land and enable him to rebuild his empire to begin again in Imperial Island 3.

Enjoy this perfect mix of match-3 puzzle gameplay and strategy, wherein you get to construct over 60 buildings.

Treat yourself to various game modes, and spend countless hours trying to finish over 100 levels.
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Sonntag, März 19, 2017

Neues Spiel ist hinzugefügt: Jewels Temple Quest

Jewels Temple Quest fun level Jewels Temple Quest using a power-up Jewels Temple Quest gameplay Play this immersive match-3 game that’s sure to impress anyone who tries it out.

Explore an abandoned temple and uncover all the secrets that it’s held onto for so many years.

Enjoy hundreds of expertly crafted levels that’ll push your skills to their limits.
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Donnerstag, März 16, 2017

Neues Spiel ist hinzugefügt: Petal Pop Adventures

Petal Pop Adventures easy level Petal Pop Adventures gameplay Petal Pop Adventures making progress Enjoy this exciting game that elevates traditional bubble shooting gameplay to a whole new level.

Play through tons upon tons of expertly crafted levels that are sure to test your skills.

Progress through the game to unlock various power-ups that’ll assist you in various ways.
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Montag, März 13, 2017

Neues Spiel ist hinzugefügt: Cake Break

Cake Break Exploding Marshmallow Cake Break Exploding Star Cake Break Spatula Collect the ingredients for the cakes so you can serve your customers.

Match up more than three identical cakes to form special cakes with special effects.

Immerse yourself in a very exciting Match 3 game.
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Freitag, März 10, 2017

Neues Spiel ist hinzugefügt: Angry Birds Dice

Angry Birds Dice Ross Angry Birds Dice Invested Towns Angry Birds Dice Dice Roll Pit the Birds and the Hogs against one another in a new game.

Bankrupt your opponent by making him pay a toll.

Invest in your towns so your opponent will have to pay more every time he lands on your block.
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Dienstag, März 7, 2017

Neues Spiel ist hinzugefügt: Flower Adventure

Flower Adventure Time of Miracles Flower Adventure Flowers Flower Adventure Water Collect beautiful flowers by matching 3 of them off the board.

Accomplish several unique and challenging goals you won’t find in any Match 3 game.

Enjoy great graphics rendered in fully high-definition resolution.
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Samstag, März 4, 2017

Neues Spiel ist hinzugefügt: Sweets and Cakes: Match-3

Sweets and Cakes Match 3 gameplay Sweets and Cakes Match 3 challenging level Sweets and Cakes Match 3 level selection screen Play this exciting match-3 game that’ll take you on an adventure across a massive kingdom.

Use your skills to make your way through tons of unique and exciting levels that are sure to test your skills.

Use power-ups as you make your way through the game to get assistance during the difficult levels.
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