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3 Match-3 Games with Unique Mechanics

Rate this Article Match-3 games have been a huge hit among players all around the world and now there are some that have added their own twists to make it a lot more interesting. Here is our list of 3 Match-3 games with unique mechanics. Free Casual Games! - 3 Match-3 Games with Unique Mechanics

If you have grown tired of the usual setting of your match-3 games, these should bring some cool new features you can enjoy. They still adhere to the same mechanics but have brought in more action and adventure for you to partake. So without further ado, let us get right into it.

Match Masters

Racking up the score in Match Masters

Duel against other online players and emerge on top in a one-on-one turn-based match-3 battle in Match Masters. Enjoy this PVP-focused game filled with tournaments, competitions, and events that will pair you up against the best players in the world as you make your way to the top of the leaderboards to be number one. You can create or join a team with your friends to get free boosters, trade stickers, and be able to message them.

The game features funny and adorable avatar characters to represent you and cool animations too. The rules are simple: players get two turns to outdo one another and get the highest score they can get. When you make a link with four or more tiles, you get an additional turn and some awesome power-ups you can use later on. You can activate your boosters if you remove pieces of their corresponding color, and using them does not take up your precious turns. All in all, it's an excellent game for you to try out and enjoy.

Puzzle Combat

Shooting down the enemy monster in Puzzle Combat

Fight against Commander Hellsing and his Dread Army of zombies and monsters while you build your base and forces in Puzzle Combat. Come and see if you can survive the non-stop onslaught using your heroes and take on missions to strengthen your characters and increase your chances of winning. Expand and upgrade your base, clear areas and try to stop their evil plans.

Playing is easy as the mechanics still involve the usual match-3 gameplay but with added features like ongoing combat on each turn. There is no time limit as you make your moves, so it gives you a huge chance to figure out what you want to do first. You can summon and use heroes with unique skills to help you in your fight against the Dread Army and then enhance their effectiveness by upgrading and equipping them with powerful items. Add these excellent features to building your base and training your crew, and you will surely have some fun.

Marvel Puzzle Quest

Using Captain America's skill in Marvel Puzzle Quest

If you are a fan of superheroes and the Marvel franchise, then you are in luck with Marvel Puzzle Quest. Take on the bad guys and get to use your favorite characters in this extraordinary combination of match-3 and combat. You can utilize different skills and their effects to give you an edge in defeating the threat in front of you.

Marvel Puzzle Quest lets you recruit heroes you can use in the single-player story or go against other users in the versus mode. You can make your party and team up different characters and combine their skills to create synergy and increase your chances of winning. Train and upgrade them to boost their stats and abilities for much-needed firepower. So try it out and build your team of superheroes!

In short, these are three entertaining and unique match-3 games for your to check out and enjoy. Their unusual mechanics are sure to show you a reason why you should play and love them. Give them a shot and try them all now! However, you're looking for something different, there are also lots of match-3 iframe games you can play on browsers for easy access.

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