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5 Types of Mobile Games That Will Help You Kill Time (And Have Fun!)

Rate this Article The gaming industry has grown leaps and bounds, but the mobile branch has had the most significant growth of them all. We've listed five genres that provide a lot of fun while helping you kill time and stave off boredom! Free Casual Games! - 5 Types of Mobile Games That Will Help You Kill Time (And Have Fun!)

Even since the invention of modern mobile phones, people have been using phones as a tool of entertainment. It all started with the Tetris game in 1994, followed by Snake in Nokia phones in 1997. Since then, mobile phone games have diversified explosively into numerous genres, from games that involve little to no interactions from the players to games that require extensive planning and strategizing. The end goal for all these games, however, is to entertain the players! Here, we will discuss five types of mobile games that will help you kill time and have fun at the same time!

Casino games

Zynga Poker

As human beings, we are all attracted to the exciting concept of luck, where everyone believes that they could be the ‘lucky one.’ That is the basis for the exponential growth of the ‘casino’ genre in the world of mobile games. Like the actual casino games, like those in this online roulette Australia list, there is a lot of variety in the genre, such as blackjack, roulette, poker, and slots. The excitement and thrill of the bet are enough to keep players hooked onto the game, while the developers of casino games are constantly innovating their games to keep them relevant and exciting to play!

In this modern era, there is no longer the need to visit a casino that is miles away to sate your appetite to win big when you can just sit in the comfort of your couch and play poker on your phone or tablet. Some examples of popular casino games include Casino Roulette: Roulettist, Zynga Poker – Texas Holdem Game, Full House Casino, and Slotomania.


The concept of a platformer or platform games is about jumping between platforms (hence the name of the genre) or over obstacles to win the level or stage. Players have to control the jumps or use specific skills in the game to avoid their character from falling off platforms or hitting obstacles.

Platform games began as 2D, and popular ones like Donkey Kong, Super Mario Bros, Prince of Persia, and Rayman are the genre’s classics. With the advancement of graphics and game engines, platform games have evolved into 3D graphics and more sophisticated game mechanics and gave us games like Limbo, Badland, Oddmar, and Candleman.

Rhythm games

Deemo is a fantastic rhythm game

If you love the concept of having a hybrid of music and gaming, then you should try out rhythm games. The rhythm game genre revolves around rhythmic music as its gameplay core and challenges the player’s sense of rhythm to match the required actions in the game. In classic rhythm games, they need players to press buttons in a specific sequence shown on the screen. Typically, players who follow it accurately and for a longer duration will get a higher score. Games in this genre usually use dance or upbeat music with a fast rhythm to make the game challenging and exciting. Rhythm games also usually feature a versus mode so that you can challenge your family or friends or even a stranger from another part of the world. If you are into these games, some examples are Arcaea, Cytus, Deemo, and A Dance of Fire and Ice.

Bubble shooters

Strictly speaking, bubble shooter games are part of the puzzle game genre, but since they are so popular and addictive, they could qualify a genre of their own. The bubble shooter game concept is simple – shoot bubbles from the bottom center of the screen, generally from a rotatable shooter, to line up with matching bubbles at the top. Matched bubbles of a similar color or shape or type will ‘pop’ or disappear, and hence the goal of the game is to clear out all the bubbles on the screen.

The origins of the bubble shooter game came from Puzzle Bobble, a Japanese puzzle arcade game released in 1994. The bubble shooter game has evolved much since then, but the concept still remains the same. If you want to pop bubbles in your free time, head out to the app store now and check out games like Bubble Shooter Legend, Inside Out Thought Bubbles, Spookiz Pang, and Bubble Story.

Match-3 games

Empires & Puzzles is a fairly unique match-3 game

Last but not least, the match-3 games are an insanely popular genre in the world of mobile games, largely thanks to Candy Crush Saga and Bejeweled. The core challenge of the match-3 games is straightforward – identify patterns, and manipulate the tiles on the board to make them disappear based on a matching criterion, be it by type, color, or shape.

The phrase match-3 does not mean that you are limited to only matching three similar tiles. In fact, the more tiles that are matched together, the higher the score you can get. In some games, you will even be rewarded with certain power-ups when you match up more than three similar tiles together. However, the minimum number of identical tiles to be matched is three, hence the genre’s name.

Other than the two games mentioned earlier, the other popular match-3 games are Homescapes, Sugar Blast, and Fishdom. The genre has even evolved further to combine elements of different genres, such as role-playing and adventure. If you are adventurous and want to try something new in the match-3 genre, you can try Empires & Puzzles, Gunspell, or Puzzle & Dragons.

So, what do you think? Which among these types of games is your favorite? Regardless of what you’re used to playing, we recommend giving these genres a shot - it will be worth it.

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