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A Great Match 3 Game in The Heavens

Rate this Article With a dose of revitalized gameplay uniquely featured in the game "The Heavens", it easily provides a great casual challenge even to the seasoned match-3 players. Let's figure the sweet components of the game and tackle them one by one in this short article. Free Casual Games! - A Great Match 3 Game in The Heavens

We all had a fair share of online candy matching puzzles. And there seems to be no end to it. We have been fed with hundreds of them that ultimately throw us into the level instanced challenges of match 3 puzzles - with increasing difficulty as you pass each level. Much of these titles were covered on our reviews and a lot of them are great games to play with. But as they offer quite the similar array of tasks, challenge and gameplay, they begin to form somewhat of a stereotype of a game. This in return provides a shot to other games - taking efforts to showcase an entirely different gameplay, in order to reel-in interest from the gamers.

Such is the case found in the match 3 game, The Heavens. In the game, you earn pride among the valiant guardians of heaven, and battle your way up the hierarchy of the gods by the means of a match-3 game to earn mana, perform an attack, or heal your hero upon fighting instanced quests, missions, or other participating online players. Meaning, the match 3 puzzles in the game do not necessarily form the levels to conquer with, but instead used to perform different options in the battle like attack, heal, or simply earn mana resources for your hero.

In this unique game, Players fall in the shoes of a hero - involved in the conflict the gods. All participating heroes (active players of the game) must set foot in battle, to prove their worth, and make their names known around the kingdom of heaven. As a match-3 game, what sets apart The Heavens from the usual bunch of casual games is the unique function and relative importance of the puzzle itself (match-3) towards progressing/advancing through the game. In order to perform the attacks for example, you will have to match 3 or more skull icons in the puzzle board, otherwise, you may opt to match colored stones in order to attain mana – which empowers your attack skills to damage the enemy or perform a buff on yourself.

The game has quite a bit of motivating factor every successful encounter - offering players with resources that are significant in upgrading their very hero. Loots are also handed out to you every time you win against a tourney. These gained spoils of war vary from boosts items to get you performance boosts during battles, crafting ingredients (for equipment), the different armors, weapons, and accessories – all of which significantly makes the game all the much interesting and seemingly fresh among the competition (of other match 3 games).

It also hand out several tasks to balance in the game to keep you occupied and hungry for duels. As it is, the game is relies on its match-3 gameplay to perform the turn based attacks/moves - and yet, the game is actually influenced by its statistics system, weighing one’s equipped sets of armors and weapons and base stats in comparison to his/her competitor. Meaning, two players may be of the same level, but then can plausibly have one player with 2k HP, and the other at around 16k. So, it’s a matter of great luck to obtain really good equipment to get you the edge over the fights.

There are so much more stuff to get you in line with the game’s interest. Pumped with a dose of revitalized gameplay, The Heavens proves to be a match-3 game that seasoned players, or beginners, would definitely take great joy with just a try.

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