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How Does Color Jump Stack Against Other Hypercasual Games?

Rate this Article Color Jump is a relative newcomer in this year's hypercasual game types. Find out how you can get to speed in mastering this game. Don't worry, playing certain types of games before can give you an effective jumpstart here. Free Casual Games! - How Does Color Jump Stack Against Other Hypercasual Games?

Color Jump is a single-action hypercasual game where you control a ball by making it jump through a gauntlet of obstacles. The objective works the same if you’ve been around during the Flappy Bird hype. It’s simply jumping through as many obstacles as you can. But let’s get through a few things in detail as we go.

So let’s get down to what this game is – before we talk about anything else. This is a game of color-matching and passing through obstacles. Pretty simple: match the color of the bouncing ball with part of the barrier. You’ll come through areas that change your cursor’s color, as well as stars that mark your score.

Making the ball jump depends on how you press the spacebar, click the mouse, or tap the touchscreen. The difficulty takes the form of the size of the challenges and how much space is available for you to bounce the ball. Falling into the previous levels or slamming against a different-colored element means game over.

Color Jump

There’s not a lot to it, as expected of any hypercasual title you’ll find. Now, how does this game fare compared to others in the genre?

The closest match you can get is 2013’s Flappy Bird. It has the same controls and pretty much the same measure of progress. The more obstacles you pass through, the higher your score, and the faster new challenges will come to you. Color Jump is more forgiving compared to the flying-through-tubes-course of frustration. You’ll still need to regulate how fast and strong your jumps are to ensure smooth sailing.

Helix Jump is another game that resembles Color Jump. While parts of their titles are quite identical, the way the jumping part is done is different between the two. Helix Jump goes downward, while Color Jump does it upward. Helix Jump lets you break platforms once you’ve entered a special state – and this is done once you fall freely long enough. There is no such state in Color Jump, reducing the strategy you’ll need to employ when it comes to passing through whatever the game throws your way.

Flappy bird

Tall Man Run does not have the endless level as a core game mechanic. Instead, you’ll be moving around to make your character bigger and grab more resources. The city-building part of this app gives the game more to do than simply running around levels. This doesn’t take much of your time, even with the added tasks. You are still in control of how much time you want to spend in the game.

Color Jump presses home when it comes to a few things. The first of these is accessibility. There’s no need to worry about downloading any apps as this can be played on virtually any mobile or desktop browser. It’s also worth reiterating that the barrier-jumping action is done by either using the spacebar, the left mouse button, or by making rapid taps on the touchscreen. Lastly, the challenge of the ever-changing ball color and random obstacles constantly brings surprises no matter how long you’ve played the game.

Start your play session by checking out Color Jump!

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