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Innovative Match 3 Games

Rate this Article Today we are bringing you a list of great game that proved us candy-pairing is not all there is in a great Match-3 game for us to enjoy, and thought we would share to get you hooked and just as addicted to their matching goodness too. Free Casual Games! - Innovative Match 3 Games

Match 3 games have always imparted us the common appeal of matching sweets for treats. During the course of time, we have been sharing frustrations on how to beat the lot of them as they sure know the formula to get you challenged, and very well addicted.

And though they may have shared to us many great games in the past (actually even now), their appeal seemed to have run down due to the fact they have failed innovate, and a lot of similar title have sprouted out from nowhere, giving you tons of other choices which offers petty differences from one another.

In all fairness, a match 3 game, despite its motif and form, is still very enticing and fun to play as they throw in their own bags of difficulties for the challenge.

As we have garnered as lot of titles reviewed in the past, a few promising titles show up every now and then to shake the foundations of the game and proved to be a cut above the rest – the cream of the crop. In this article, we’ll tackle few innovative match-3 games that have caught our attention, and perfectly stirred up the norms in casual gaming.

Perhaps the key factor that elevated them from the usual bunch of generic ones is the relative innovation found in them. Mainly in the gameplay, or how it was delivered (meaning how the match 3 was situated in the game), and then perfectly pitch in balance – to still impart that addictive element commonly found in every Match-3 game.

To start the list, we suggest Boost Beast. In this unique puzzle game, you mainly command a league of animals to fight hordes of human turned zombies, and their alien bosses. You do this by simply performing turn based match-3 sequences, and performing the right matches to summon the right beasts on the right time. With an exciting dose of gameplay, and featured with unique sorts of elements not found in your typical match-3 game, Boost Beast proves to be a great new experience, especially to the seasoned players. Overall, it is a great title that everyone should easily love and enjoy.

The same goes for Royal Farm Arena, a great choice if the usual challenge of a match-3 game does not cut it anymore. In this particular game, you are racked up with another player – playing the exact similar puzzle, with the ultimate goal of outperforming you competition. Royal Farm Arena is a pretty enjoyable game that hones the same addictive charm of any match-3 game, at the same time heightens the challenge by sorting out great matches to all its participants. It shall easily provide long periods of fun thanks to the fact that you get to show off your skills to the lot of other online players.

What greater way to play a match-3 than putting up a heated battle between two heroes in it for a match. This is the core agenda of the brimming match-3 game in Facebook, The Heavens . A wonderful world that revolves around the day to day life of the Valiant Guardians of heaven - who travel the different lands therein to fuel their epic battles and adventures. In this unique game, you may choose from 6 cults, whom are divided by 2 fractions: Love, Joy and Valor are fighting against Suffering, Hate and Fear. Involved in the conflict the Gods, heroes of every land must set foot in battle, to prove their worth, and make their names known around the kingdom of heaven. In this game, players take on the role of their avatars (heroes) who must seek strength by competing with other heroes and gearing up for their own adventures, in order to gain strength and fame. The hero match-up game is battled out, match-3 style of course. With a dose of revitalized gameplay uniquely featured in this game, it would shake even the foundations of a seasoned match-3 gamer.

Another brilliant Match-3 game to is Kingcraft, in this unique Match-3 game, you progress through the levels depending on the path you choose and territories you conquer. Levels in the game are given as the different plots of lands and territories that you may want to conquer. As you conquer more territories, your influence rises, providing you with an equivalent rank addressed to you as you progress. As the lands you conquer vary, so will the accompanying tiles to be played within it change accordingly. An interesting game pitched in with great 3D visuals and lots of levels to play.

These games are just but a few – that we came across with, and was utterly impressed by their innovations – resulting to become the best games we’ve played in the genre. Nonetheless, almost every match-3 game still impart tons of challenge and excitement, but scoring quite a big stir to the norms definitely made these few selections a great recommendation for the avid patrons of match 3 games.

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