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Maximizing Your Survival in Bubble Shooter Games

Rate this Article The premise of most bubble shooter games is simple — but it is not that simple and is quite very tricky as it goes. Let's Tackle a few tricks in maximizing your survival in bubble shooter games. Free Casual Games! - Maximizing Your Survival in Bubble Shooter Games

When it comes to puzzle games, there is one type of game that has always been at the forefront of gaming—especially when it comes to the long history it has shared with its fan base. This game would absolutely be Bubble Shooter games. Initially designed for kids, bubble shooter games have long become a game that produced quite a huge and loyal following of adults and teens. Since the first release of the Bubble Shooter game in 2001 by Absolutist, the growth and spread of Bubble Shooter Games has never ceased, but instead, kept on growing.

The premise of most bubble shooter games is simple—armed with a bubble shooter/gun, players will have to match the color of bubble they are to shoot from their gun with at least two other bubbles on the board with the same color. Once that is done, the bubbles that have been successfully matched shall disappear from the board. The layout of the board begins with a very straightforward and short layout—with a few bubbles neatly scattered at the top. Once the player fails to make a successful match, the board goes down one level. As the goal of the game involves clearing the board of all existing bubbles, players must make it a point to have no bubbles touch the ground or the shooter, for that matter. The goal of the game may sound particularly easy but it is something that may prove to be challenging and even addictive. The game’s addictive game mechanic may be responsible for the thousands upon thousands of fans this game has created.

Aside from the large, and ever growing, fan base it has produced, bubble shooter’s addictive game mechanic proves to be a cut above the rest as its appeal has also been used in several advertisements in order to lure visitors and engage more web traffic to a web site. Not only has the bubble shooter gameplay appeal been used for marketing, but bubble shooter games have also transcended to various mobile platforms, like smartphones and tablets, in order to address people on the go.

With Bubble Shooter games continuously increasing its fan base and audience reach, more and more people continue to try to learn of what ways or tricks are available for them to use in order to maximize their rate of survival in bubble shooter games. There may not be any hard-and-fast rule when it comes to playing bubble shooter games, but what is essential are that people make use of the following tips when playing bubble shooter games:

1. Plan ahead. Once the game loads, it is important to look around at the layout of the board and check out which bubbles are to be matched. Take a quick survey and check out the color of bubble loaded in the shooter in order to get started. Planning ahead also involves checking the color of the bubble in the shooter and switching it to the color that is next for loading if you can’t find any match to make with what is currently loaded.

2. Aim for the top. Although it is easy to just match whatever bubble you have with the bubbles on the lower level, it is recommended to match bubbles located on higher tiers for additional bonus points. Matching at least three colors at the top will automatically drop all the bubbles below it—making a huge score bonus for the player.

3. Use the walls for strategy. There may be times that shooting directly at bubbles may not be possible as there may be other bubbles blocking a straight aim. When that happens, using the walls in the board is ideal to bounce off the ball from the shooter and to aim it at the target bubble. Bouncing off balls from the wall may require some practice so be sure to make use of available time to get a better feel of the angles made with every blast off to a wall.

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