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Most Unique Match 3 Games

Rate this Article Whether its in their look, in their gameplay or in any other aspect. In this article we’ll be focusing entirely on the match-3 games that are distinct and can stand out high in this genre that’s absolutely packed due to the fact that new games are being added to it every single day. Free Casual Games! - Most Unique Match 3 Games

There are many things that contribute to the decision of whether or not a match-3 game can be considered ‘unique’. First off is of course the gameplay. While pretty much every single game utilizes the same gameplay formula, some of them put nice twists on it that make the experience much more refreshing. There are some great games in which you’ll be doing much more than just matching objects together and these games feel like a breath of fresh air.

Secondly, another thing that can differentiate and separate a game from the rest of the crowd is how it looks. There are tons upon tons of match-3 games out there and while the majority of them utilize a similar art style, there are a few that take the risk of being different and in all honesty this risk pays off quite nicely for them as a different looking game is great to look at in this genre that consists of mostly similar looking games.

The following are the few match-3 games that are unlike any other across the entire genre.

Epic Wizard Showdown

In Epic Wizard Showdown you’re not just matching objects to simply complete a level, you’re instead matching them so that you can win the ongoing duel beteween you and your opponent. This game is great fun to play because it feels like a compltely unique experience. Every time you make a match in this game you’ll inflict damage onto your opponent. The bigger the match, the more the damage and you must basically keep dealing damage until your opponent runs out of healt.

Unwell Mel

The main thing that separates Unwell Mel from the pack isn’t it’s gameplay, but instead its theme. As you could judge from the name, Mel is basically Unwell so you’ll see that the game utilizes a really unique art style to fit with this setting. There are tons of distinct looking objects that you’ll get to match such health packs, syringes and even brains. These are the kinds of things that you’ll probably never see in any other match-3 and they’re exactly why you should play this game.

Monster Battle

In Monster Battle you play the role of a brave knight who is on an epic quest to save his land from the evil creature infestation before it’s too late. The gameplay is really unique because every level is basically a fight against some monster trying to stop you in your tracks. Every single time you match objects successfully, you will be able to strike the enemy and this duelist style of gameplay makes this unique and worth playing.

Sushi Quest

Sushi Quest has managed to grab a spot on this list because thematically it’s pretty much a one of a kind. In the game you basically run a sushi restaurant and therefore must prepare sushi as quickly as possible. To prepare sushi you must of course match three or more of them together. The gameplay is pretty standard and well executed but the main highlight is the really incredible restaurant theme.

Overall, regardless of why the games mentioned above are considered unique, they’re distinct nonetheless and great fun to play which is why we recommend trying a few out whenever you have the chance.

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