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New Gameplay in Icy Run

Rate this Article Icy Run is a brand new casual game, where you get to control the movements of a cute penguin by drawing line anywhere you want, read on to find out more! Free Casual Games! - New Gameplay in Icy Run

A new game called Icy Run has a really unique way of completing the game, and its just starting to take hold on mobile devices with its special style and fun dynamic gameplay.

The story is simple, an inquisitive penguin called Icy has got himself lost, and he needs to get home. His family miss him and he is very far away, with your runner game skills you can get him there through towns and even the desert.

The way you control the game is pretty simple, as you see Icy moving you can draw a line of ice under him using your mouse or finger. You can draw the line anywhere you want and any length you need. When you draw your ice bar goes down a bit, and the further into the game you are the less ice you have to play with.

Along the way there are sharks and turtles to steal the ice or slow you down. But there are also friendly dolphins that will speed you up and ice cubes that give you more ice to use when you draw your lines. You can also collect ice lollies to up your score and if you manage to draw the lines right you can get everything in one go.

This style is really fun and allows you complete control of the game, timing is everything and as long as you are pushing icy along you have a chance to get him home. Being able to use any part of the screen is also nice, and you can really get a huge score to show off to your friends.

Enjoy Icy Run for free today and see how amazingly fun it is. Can you get this cute little guy back home safe and sound?

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