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Styles of Casual Game

Rate this Article There are so many different casual games out there it can be hard to pick one to play, in this article we will discuss the types of game you can play. Free Casual Games! - Styles of Casual Game

Casual games are becoming ever more popular and there are so many different ones available. In this article we will go over what the main styles of casual game there are around. From the classic bejeweled to the latest in bubble games and everything in between.

Perhaps the biggest of them all is the bubble shooter game. From the classic single level game with only 4 or 5 colours, to huge stories with over 100 levels and loads of added extra options. Bubble games have always been popular, and they are becoming ever more so as the games continue to grow and develop.

Some of the best bubble games have stories to follow, and in the game there are boosters you can buy and obstacles to overcome. Along with earning points and starts to unlock further levels. This sense of progression added to what is an already popular style can make for some fantastic games.

As well as bubble games there are block match games, that fall into 2 categories. The first clicking on sets of 3 or more boxes of a particular colour to then make them blow up. More boxes will then fall from the top and you keep clearing them until you have a certain amount of points. A variation on this theme is blowing up blocks to bring items or cute animals down to the bottom. In either case you have a wall of blocks to clock on and watch them go boom.

The second style of block game is where you draw a line over 3 or more blocks, to make them vanish. The lines you draw can be in any direction so you can collect huge lines of colours. Sometimes these boxes come in different shapes and sizes, from jellies to parrots. Many of these games have fun and interesting patterns and gaming areas, so you can really draw cool lines before they pop.

And then, we come to what is perhaps the style that started it all. The match 3 games where you match 3 of the same colour or item together. There are so many examples and objects that you match, from sweets and gems to flowers and gardening tools. In this particular type of game there is really no limitation to what you can do.

From very simple games where you just match 3 or more gems to massive games where you can create your own farm by matching vegetables together there are a lot of choices open to you. Finding that great game is a wonderful feeling, whether you're crushing candies or matching up fruit these games have a huge and lasting appeal.

While there may seem to be only a few types of game, in reality the possibilities are endless. The most popular games in this genre tend to be those that have a story, or a series of goals for you to achieve. Shooting bubbles or matching gems is great fun, but it gets even better when you are playing for something, be it stars, or competing against your friends scores, or even just to get to that next level of difficulty.

With the popularity of Facebook and the ability to add in some fantastic games there have been some amazing developments in these games that we love. Being able to play with your friends, and ask them for help on a game you play has been great. And these games keep getting better, with more and more wonderful graphics and interesting ideas being brought forward.

Casual games now give you the option to explore places, go on rescue missions and travel to some of the best known story worlds ever written. While doing so they bring you a fantastic game, with fun boosters or optional abilities. You can meet some great characters on the way and defeat evil villains.

Bubble, block and match 3 games have come on a long way in recent years, and there are always more games being developed. While there may be more casual styles that really suit you, these 3 are the ones that really stand out on top of all the others. Whichever style of game you play, whatever you truly enjoy there will be a game for you, and we are really looking forward to what the future holds for us, and for you.

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