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The Ages of Casual Gamers

Rate this Article People all over the world play casual games and we all enjoy them, but there are some differences in what games are played by the different age groups and we explore this in our article. Free Casual Games! - The Ages of Casual Gamers

Casual games is a fantastic genre that consists of a very broad variety of games. This broad variety means that a pretty wide audience enjoys these games on a daily basis. In this article, we'll be talking about the audience and discussing what age group prefers what game.

First off let's begin with the younger age group of children aged 8-12. The most popular casual games among this group are bright and colorful casual games such as Jelly Friend, Rainbow Drops, and such. A common trend among a lot of the games in this age group is the fact that they usually come with gameplay that's much more simple as compared to others.

Usually, there are a lot fewer boosters and much less complex mechanics involved in the casual games of this group which is probably natural as kids that age don't really want to focus much on the complex stuff and just want to have fun as quickly as possible. Another key trait of the casual games in this group is that they usually have rather silly characters or objects in them for example Button Mix in which you're basically matching buttons together.

Moving on, the second age group we'd like to cover is that of teens aged 12-18. This is where the simplistic style of play starts to fade away and a few more complex and feature-filled games come along. The one thing that's similar about the age groups of 12-18 and 8-12 is the fact that all games of preference of both groups tend to have a really bright overall look. However, although they might look similar, the games played by teens of 12-18, as mentioned before, usually have a tad bit more complexity behind them. These games tend to have different kinds of objectives, varying level designs, special power-ups, and much more than make the gameplay much more in-depth overall.

Finally, the final age group is that of adults. Adults aged 18+ always lean towards casual games that have a lot of in-game content, complexity, depth, and features. The key thing about the games preferred by adults is the fact that they don't really care much about the visuals, while the previous two age groups tend to lean towards brighter-looking games, this group doesn't particularly care about the look of the game and is in it mostly for the gameplay.

The games played by this group are those that usually have multitudes of different power-ups, are comparatively more challenging than other casual releases, and have some really creative level design with objectives that keep varying from level to level to keep things fresh and prevent the experience from ever getting dull.

Overall, this is a brief analysis of the age groups of casual games players and probably doesn't cover every single detail but still manages to give an overview of the main stuff. While on the topic of casual games, we'd like to recommend that you try a few of them out to experience the enjoyment they have to offer.

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