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The Appeal of Match-3 Games: 5 Reasons Why People Play Them

Rate this Article There's a charm to these easy-to-play puzzle games that cemented their place in the gaming industry. Free Casual Games! - The Appeal of Match-3 Games: 5 Reasons Why People Play Them

Match-3 games have been a staple in the gaming world. No matter what the platform, there are always a few picture or icon puzzles you can download and pass the time with. Unlike other game genres, the Match-3 community is a little less interactive in online communities. Gamers may not be aware of its presence, but it’s just as big a player base as those of other types, if not bigger. It’s also most likely because they are busy figuring out the best combo to finish the sea of colors they’re stuck in. So, why do people play Match-3 games?

Kitty Match-3


No matter how it’s presented, Match-3 games have one task for you. That is to finish a level and meet objectives by matching tokens in trios or more. Whether you use a mouse cursor, a controller, or touch screens, once you match three or more, those items are taken off the board. There’s no immediate need to exploit systems or memorize complicated moves to get past levels. In Kitty Match-3, you need a pair of sharp eyes and some clicking skills to complete stages.

Icy Match


They say that you’d get the grasp of any new Match-3 game out there once you’ve played a few titles. Once you see a grid and a bunch of scattered images, then you’d more likely than not recognize the game type right away. Does a game let you move things and switch their places? Do those tokens disappear once you group similar objects? Are there a number of moves given to you at a stage? Answering yes to all these questions means you’re going to play a match-3 puzzle.

Jewels Blast

Colorful and Cute Visuals

Not a lot of people find blacks, whites, and drabs exciting. Colorful characters and equally colorful effects are another pull of Match-3s to casual gamers. Not only do these help make the game friendly to first-time players, but they also make the tokens more distinguishable. Jewels Blast is an example of a simple yet visually appealing browser Match-3 that you can play.

Tutti Frutti Match

Flexible Playing Time

The reality is most people could not squeeze in tremendous hours to get their gaming fix satisfied. Many genres promise quick entertainment, but you end up doing more than what you bargained for when your competitive streak comes to play. Match-3 games let you take command of your playing time by easing the competitive pressure most other genres tend to promote. No need to be stuck on coordinated multiplayer activities. You can stay competitive in events without gluing your eyes to the screen all day. Not to mention that stages are based on the number of moves. You can’t really dwell on them when the game wants you to immediately clear a level.

Spring Blossom Match


Limited numbers of moves, windows for chain combos, and specific level mechanics crank the challenge aspect of Match-3s to respectable difficulty levels. Mindlessly matching usually causes fewer combos to trigger, which means you make less impactful scoring with every move used. Later stages will demand that you make big scoring chains to get past them. Rounds are fast-paced, and they rely on how explosive your move is based on the number of combos a single move can trigger. This can be seen in games like Spring Blossom Match.

These are the reasons people play Match-3 games. If you’re itching to give them a try, you can start by logging on to Monstera Play. Check out their other puzzle titles while you’re at it.

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