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The Best Free Casual Online Games

Rate this Article Looking for new games to try out and play? If so, here's a list of some of the best games to try out: Free Casual Games! - The Best Free Casual Online Games

If you didn't know, the popularity of casual internet games has increased quickly. In fact, the most popular and best casual games in the world have this title because of the simplicity and excitement they provide. In addition, the system requirements for such games are not high. And while exciting, they also don't necessarily require the highest levels of attention. In other words, these games are a wonderful way to spend time and wind down!



Balance is an exhilarating game for people of any age, giving you hours of enjoyment. It will teach you how electricity grids function to maintain electrical grids in order to keep the electricity supply constant. In this amusing game, you need to adapt the lines of several power stations to supply various cities with the required power. When you continue throughout the game, besides providing houses with enough electricity, you have to ensure that your power grids will not exceed their limits by knowing their capacity. Thus learning the “balance” between providing enough electricity while also staying within the grid limits.

Balance is a free casual game with hundreds of difficult tasks. It's the perfect kind of casual game. The game has amazing graphics and great animations. You will get hooked in no time by its easy controls and uncomplicated gameplay. If during your spare time you are looking for a major challenge, Balance will certainly be working your brain to renew and rest. For children and adults, it's a seriously enjoyable game. In this frightening fun game, you can test your skills and mental abilities.

Boom Beach

Boom Beach

Another exciting free game arrives from the designers of Clash of Clans which you will be fascinated with for hours, Boom Beach. Help the Islands get free with their combat methods and fighting talents from the dreaded Black Guard. Use your soldiers and raid your enemy to fulfill your given assignments. Build your stronghold and reinforce your defenses, while your headquarters continue to be strengthened with loots and upgrades. Boom Beach is an awesome game with millions of players all over the world.

Boom Beach has over 10 kinds of defensive fortifications and different attack forces which you can control. The aim of the game is to acquire units and construct a base that can survive your enemies' attacks. You need to develop unique raiding techniques because various foes have different game ideas. For a challenge, you can team up with other players in group raids and tournament matches and unleash an attack on the opponent team. This online multiplayer game allows you to build your own team or join the existing squad, the perfect game to play with friends.

Boom Beach is a free game, however, you need to be constantly connected and online to keep players in sync because it uses real-time strategy gameplay.

Cooking Fever

Cooking Fever

Cooking Fever is one of the best casual cooking games you can play, with dozens of foods to cook up. Cooking Fever creates the ability to handle time while preparing and cooking orders with your clients within a specified period of time. You have to fulfill orders quickly or your consumers become angry. In the game, you will be a chef who travels to various places to demonstrate his cooking skills.

This fun game has twenty unique places with hundreds of locations and restaurants. There are additional 150 items to prepare with over 400 recipes. If you're seeking for a casual game to enjoy without becoming bored, Cooking Fever is the correct game for you. If you don’t think cooking is exciting this casual game will probably change your mind.

Cooking Fever contains a story you must fulfill to advance throughout the game. You will be opening new restaurants in different areas worldwide as you complete more assignments. Your foods also become more intricate; ranging from simple burgers and drinks to the finest of Chinese, Mediterranean, Japanese and Italian food. Manage your time properly in this incredible cooking game and fulfill the appetite of your clients.


Online casino games come in every form and size, some as basic as a toss of a coin, some more sophisticated and strategy dependent. Perhaps the most popular of all these casino games are slot machines that are played in amazing diversity. They've been the most frequently played casino games for over a century and their appeal does not seem to diminish to this day, at least online. Any casino online will allow you to play slots for real money or just for fun - making it a more casual game. Slots are frequently viewed as a casual perfect game, here is why.

You don't have to spend hours studying the greatest casual games, they're self-explaining. They usually have an unbelievably steep learning curve, so you can start playing seconds after loading the game.

Slot machines are exactly that type of game. Their interface is quite easy although, it is a bit more complicated than big buttons spinning reels. Their rules are also fundamental: obtain a number of matching symbols on one line to win. Play slots at Energy Casino now.

Words With Friends 2

Words with Friends 2

All it says is "words, with, friends" in the game's title, this just explains it all. Rally your mother, dad, aunt, far-off cousin, collaborator, boss, or neighbor together and challenge them as you work to create words out of the letters that are randomly selected for you.
Seven random letter tiles are given to you for the creation of new words by playing on the existing words on the board. For the first turn - when no words are on the board - someone must put an initial word on.

After playing the first word, you can play a word tile vertically or horizontally in open squares, but at least one letter has to connect to a word on the board that is already existing. All letter tiles that are to be connected must be a real word. Anyone who earns the most points wins the game. And also because let's be honest, your brain also gets a good workout in, there aren’t many words that you can fit the letter z into.

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