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The Future of Casual Games

Rate this Article Casual games have become very popular, and with good reason but what does the future hold for this amazing genre. Free Casual Games! - The Future of Casual Games

Casual games are generally the simple yet addictive match-3 games that pretty much any player can get into and begin enjoying within a matter of minutes. While the genre is in a pretty good spot right now, in this article we're going to shed some light on how it can, and probably will improve, in the future.

One of the biggest improvements that can be made in this genre is the addition of new power-ups. As it stands right now, you have access to only a set few that exist in basically every single game. There's a power-up that lets you get rid of an object with a simple click, there's a power-up that lets you switch two objects without using a move or facing any penalty and there's also a power-ups that lets you change a usual object into one with special effects.

While these are quite useful and pretty great, they haven't really been changed over the years which is why adding some new kinds of power-ups would work wonders for any kind of casual game as it would add more depth to the gameplay while also making it refreshing at the same time.

Moving further, game modes is a relatively unexplored category when it comes to casual games and adding a few of these in could definitely improve the experience by a mile and even attract wider audiences. There are many ways in which game modes could be implemented; the simplest one that comes to mind is the addition of a hardcore mode and a casual mode.

The hardcore mode would be a timed mode with a limited amount of moves which would be enjoyed by a lot of veteran/hardcore players out there whereas the casual mode can be the standard kind with the usual amount of moves and no time limits which can be enjoyed by the casual audience. Another example of a special game mode could be one in which there are absolutely no power-ups or special objects so players would have to play at their very best to get through a level.

Implementing some well thought out means of multiplayer gameplay would also be a tremendous improvement to pretty much every single casual game. Playing a game is fun but playing a game with friends is usually twice as fun. While several games have tried experimenting with this concept, none have really come out with a properly thought through multiplayer system but once it gets implemented, which it probably will soon enough, it's bound to increase the enjoyment factor of any game it's a part of by a pretty substantial amount. It might even add a competitive aspect to this genre which will in turn attract a wider audience of players.

Overall, all the suggestions mentioned above are probably things that will end up happening the casual game genre soon enough but even at its current state, it has some great games to offer so you should try a few out.

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