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Things Every Match-3 Game Should Have

Rate this Article We love these games, but sometimes there are certain things that they need to be great and in this article we will give you what we think is a must for a game. Free Casual Games! - Things Every Match-3 Game Should Have

Match-3 games are pretty fun and addictive for a variety of different reasons. They offer players a casual yet engaging experience and in this article we'll be talking about a few crucial things that every single match-3 game should consist of no matter what.

Before going into further detail regarding the topic, first off it would be best to discuss this genre a tad bit further. Match-3 games are casual, simple yet addictive games that give players a pretty fair challenge while also remaining fun and relatively simple to get the hang of at the same time. Each level in a match-3 game tends to have a different kind of objective which can be something like matching X amount of Y object or reaching a given amount of points.

These games are great fun to play but alongside this they look fantastic as well. The color palette is really bright in most of these games which makes the visuals pop out a lot more and also causes them to be easier on the eyes. There are also some really solid animations in them that round the graphics off quite nicely.

The following features are those that we believe any match-3 game worth its salt should consist of.

1. A variety of power-ups
Although each match-3 is based on mostly the same concepts, power-ups are the main things that differentiate them from each other. Due to this, most of the top tier match-3 games are usually those that come with a pretty solid array of power-ups and boosters that players can utilize during levels to get an edge.

2. Creative level design
No matter how good a match-3 game is, no matter how many power-ups it has or how great it looks, nothing matters if the game feels repetitive. Something that all solid match-3 games come with are many unique kinds of levels. These levels are great because they have distinct objectives which force players to adapt and play accordingly.

3. High quality visuals
While it might not be as big of an issue for some players, there's a pretty massive audience of players that tends to judge a game first and foremost by how good it looks and it is due to this that a solid match-3 game should look good. Good visuals include things like a bright color scheme, fluid and flashy animations, a distinct theme and more.

4. Social features
Although most match-3 games aren't that big on social features, it's always great to have at least a few of those implemented in the game and each top tier match-3 usually comes with a bunch of these. Social features include things like the ability to share scores or even the ability to play together/against each other.

Overall, the few things mentioned above are those that we feel no match-3 game isn't complete without. While on the subject, we'd like to mention that the games this genre offers are quite fun to play so you should try a few out to see and experience the enjoyment for yourself.

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