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Top 3 Timed Match 3 Games

Rate this Article Time limits are always exciting, especially when they make an appearance in Match 3 games. Free Casual Games! - Top 3 Timed Match 3 Games

Match 3 games, despite their simplicity, are amazing games to play. They are even more enjoyable when there’s a time limit imposed! Here are three Match 3 games that give you time constraints when you subject yourself to their gameplay mechanics.

The “blitz” in its name is, in fact, a testimony to the game’s nature as a timed Match 3 game. This game is Bejeweled Blitz, a very popular timed Match 3 title which is also one of the earliest entries in the genre to have made it big in the market. This game has been played many times across several platforms, predominantly Facebook and Mobile. Many people have found this game a great distraction while waiting for their bus to arrive, or for their flight to be called for boarding.

Bejeweled Blitz is your typical Match 3 game. You are given a deck of jewels, which you have to group in 3 or more in order to take off the deck. Every level requires you to collect or make a specific number of matches before you can move to the next. That’s quite easy, really, until you see that there is a timer ticking on the upper part of the screen. When you see that, you definitely should get moving and swipe those gems to make groups as quick as you can!

Make sure to watch out for power-ups too! You have power ups that extends your gameplay by adding a certain number of seconds to the time that’s available to you. You also have Scramblers, which rearranges the gems in the deck. If you’re lucky, the Scrambler can give you an arrangement through which you can make matches as fast as you could with a lot of time to spare at the end.

Candy Crush Saga deserves a mention in this article as well. It’s not purely a timed Match 3 game, but it does have a timed level. You’ll have to be very quick about reaching the level’s goals. The trick here, of course, is to chain those attacks together so that you can get a higher score. Chaining means that you have match up groups of candies in quick succession. Obviously, this requires a lot of hand-eye coordination and some quick spotting skills on your part.

The third game in this list is Crush City. The premise of this game is not one that you’ll find with most Match 3 games, which are mostly concerned about fantasy stories like helping a kid find her way home, etc. Crush City is a steampunk-type of game that has the protagonist working to clear certain sections of the city by working on Match-3 levels. Instead of swiping blocks to group them with similarly-colored ones, all you need to do is to click on groups of uni-colored blocks to eliminate them from the board.

Just click on groups as fast as you can to collect as many Stars (given when you reach a certain level in the gauge on the right) as you could within the time limit!

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