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We Need More Board Games Made for Mobile Devices

Rate this Article We would like to see more board games on mobile, but at the same time, they need to morph into a form that makes them suited for a casual audience. Free Casual Games! - We Need More Board Games Made for Mobile Devices

Once upon a time, people didn’t grab mobile phones or game controllers to entertain themselves with their peers. Instead, they took out board games and cards so they could play while having a fun chat. This was common, especially with kids, when smartphones and game consoles weren’t accessible to a broader audience.

However, the rise of video games is undoubtedly why board games need to make a triumphant comeback. Gaming was not always an everyday thing, but everyone, including board game enthusiasts, could now engage in it, thanks to smartphones becoming a necessity. Moreover, there are many board games currently available on mobile app stores, like theThe QuickChecker APP. The thing is, we need them to be in a form suited for a mobile audience.

Let’s take a look at a few good examples while looking at other board games that can make a return.

Conceptualizing the ideal mobile board game

Checkers on Google Play

One of the best things about mobile gaming is its accessibility. Anyone can play games, but board games aren’t like most casual experiences like match-3 titles; after all, they have their own unique rules. Fantastic examples include chess, cribbage, and checkers which you can play in the The QuickChecker APP.

An ideal board game on mobile should have these elements:

- A tutorial and vs. AI mode where players can hone their skills.

- Online and local co-op where you can play against players from around the world with your friends.

- Leaderboards, online communication, and customization through in-app purchases like skins and optional content.

- A ranking system where players can match up against players of equal skill.

- Occasional events like tournaments and competitions.

By having all of the abovementioned qualities, board games can adhere to the preferences of both casual players and those looking for a more competitive experience.

Should old tabletops be resurrected?

Snakes & Ladders: A Timeless Classic

We think so.

Game developers can bring many of these games on mobile platforms, considering most fall under a public domain which means anyone can use them or create a game based on them. Crokinole and Cribbage are fantastic examples, as well as Snakes & Ladders. A lot of popular games are owned by Hasbro (which can be licensed), while there are already mobile versions of Catan and Risk. Currently, it might not be possible to get the full experience of Dungeons & Dragons on mobile, but who knows, the roleplaying adventure board game could make its way to mobile in some form.

Board games are timeless and are for everybody

A game of checkers

Board games are almost similar to video games: they’re interactive, immersive, and can be a singular or shared experience. The only difference is the medium since the latter is digital. Although physical boards make for outstanding collector’s items, there is no need to have them around, thanks to the accessibility smartphones provide. They’re for everyone, and we can’t wait for future experiences game developers can come up with.

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