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Why Are Bubble Shooters so Addictive?

Rate this Article Bubble shooters are popular among casual gamers, but why is that so? Free Casual Games! - Why Are Bubble Shooters so Addictive?

Bubble shooters are as casual as video games go, but they are also some of the most addictive games the world has ever seen.

Add to that is the fact that many of these games are hosted on the popular social networking website, Facebook. This means that people are within easy access of these games, and they could find themselves hooked in no time when they begin playing.

The question here then is – why are bubble shooters so addictive?

One reason that they can be addictive is because they are visually and conceptually very simple. All you need to do is to just shoot a colored bubble straight into a group of bubbles with the same color. When you are able to do that, the bubbles explode and are taken off the board. The goal is to shoot as many groups as you can out within a certain period of time, and then you advance to the next level.

It looks and sounds so simple that even a young kid could play the games and enjoy them.

However, it’s not as easy as it sounds. You’ll have to make use of your knowledge in physics and geometry in order to be an effective player at bubble shooters. You’re actually exercising your mind when you play these highly addictive games, another reason why you’ll certainly love playing them. It does help to take away whatever stress you’re being subjected to, even for just a few minutes.

By being conceptually simple, but mentally engaging, bubble shooters allow you to take any problems off your mind temporarily as you focus on getting the angles right before firing a bubble so that you can score and not waste your bubbles or time. For some people, this arrangement allows their mind to relax for a bit so they are refreshed enough to take on that problem that they have been worrying about in the first place.

Some bubble shooters also feature hilarious graphics, which add to the games’ appeal. After all, if you’ve been worrying about a lot of stuff, you’d need to laugh every once in a while. The comic relief provided by some games’ animated sprites could provide just that reprieve for some people.

While being inherently simple, bubble shooters provide challenge in many ways, including increasing the pace at which the bubbles are descending from the top towards the floor or by reducing the time limit available to the player. As the levels become more difficult, the players become more challenged and, before they know it, they’ve already been addicted to the bubble shooter.

Finally, as mentioned earlier, these games are easy to find. The more popular bubble shooters are certain to be viral on Facebook, so they are exposed to a lot of people who eventually become curious enough that they’ll want to play. Soon, they are looking through Facebook to find other bubble shooters that they might want to play.

There is nothing wrong with playing bubble shooters to your heart’s content. Just make that you don’t get too addicted to them that you’ll end up neglecting the other aspects of your everyday life.

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