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Why is The Monstera Games Platform The Ultimate Turn-Key Solution For Publishers?

Rate this Article Monstera Games Platform specializes in combining fun and earning on the side to make a world of difference. Free Casual Games! - Why is The Monstera Games Platform The Ultimate Turn-Key Solution For Publishers?

Running a marketable and reputed website doesn't come cheap. There are different upkeep costs to worry about. You also have to think of how to keep it friendly to visitors and helpful enough to get every job done. If you're not that adept with code, you may have to hire a few experts to keep things running smoothly.

In many cases, what your website has is typically enough to pay the bills. Sometimes, you might wonder what can be done to add a little variety to your content and make a little more income while doing so.

Ever thought of free html5 games for your website? Imagine this: combine the easy and simple fun you can put on a web browser while you can use that as an ad space on the side. There's no need to fill your site pages with obstructive banners or place annoying pop-ups that may drive potential customers away from your web service.

While you're here, check out what our platform can do for you:

Trending games

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Games development is on full throttle, with trendy titles appearing one after another at record speed. With Monstera Play, you can expect the freshest browser games delivered to you to keep up with today's web traffic. Check out the platform from time to time to be abreast of what browser games are most played by visitors. Your potential customers will definitely come for the games but stay for what your website has to offer.

Customization, branding, and on-demand games development

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Need games that are in line with your website theme? We got you covered. Our games can be developed to promote your website or simply to make sure they don't look out of line. Retention is the name of the game, and we've got the tools to guarantee visitors will always be around. Few things in the world of brand retention can match playing games. Play a game, and remember the name.

Integrated Advanced Ads monetization

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Our games come integrated with Advanced Ads. This means players are guaranteed to see relevant ads based on their web behavior. You can set up banners that let visitors see preferred ad content. Couple that with a game that they can play as long as they wish, and you got a winning formula.

Ads display preferences managed by website settings on AdSense

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Control what ads to show and what to prioritize. This can be used to your advantage by setting up your ad space for preferred clients for a fee. Unlike other ad delivery plugins, you can add and edit advertisements according to your website's needs.

Real-time revenue and performance reporting on your AdSense Account

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Get up-to-date reports on what site content gets the best metrics through your AdSense account. This can help you position your games in the best areas of your website, and there's no need to get lost in your email inbox or download spreadsheets that are primarily out-of-date.

Direct payment by Google

Link your bank account or another fintech service in a few easy steps. No fuss. Once done, all you need to do is wait for the revenue, and ad earnings are all yours to collect.

These are some benefits you can get by embedding games for your website. Check us out at Monstera Play so that we can further help you make your choices.

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