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Why Match 3 Games are so Popular

Rate this Article With casual games on the rise, and a huge amount of new games, and old games still being played in this article we will discuss the reasons Match 3 games are so popular. Free Casual Games! - Why Match 3 Games are so Popular

Match-3 games is an incredibly popular genre and it’s so popular that it seems like every new day there’s a new game released and in this article we’ll be discussing what makes match-3 games so addictive and fun.

First off, the key thing behind their enjoyable nature is that these games are quite simple to grasp. Playing any match-3 game is incredibly simple as you just swap the positions of objects to bring three or more together. The simple to grasp gameplay means that players don’t have to spend large amounts of time trying to figure the game out and can dive straight into the thick of things.

Other than being easy to grasp, there’s no doubting the fact that these games are quite hard to master which is another reason behind their addictive nature. A player who is adept at playing these games will efficiently bring objects together in such a manner that allows the player to eventually spawn special objects that make things a lot quicker. The desire to master all the techniques of these games is one of the things that keeps players hooked onto them.

Match-3 games are great when it comes to variety as well. First off, the amount of levels that you will find in these games is incredible. Almost every single game worth its salt will have well above a hundred levels to experience and the best part of these levels is that each one of them has a completely unique design of its own and feels completely distinct when compared to other levels.

Other than levels, these games also bring variety in the form of various different power-ups that you can utilize to aid you in tough times. There are many different kinds of power-ups for example some power-ups spawn special objects, some remove objects from the playing area and some power-ups even give you extra moves which are sometimes all you need to complete a level.

While it might not be present in all the games of this genre, some games even consist of a story-line that slowly unfolds as a player progresses through the game. The plots, while few and far in between, are really well thought out and are manage to do a great job of providing people with more incentive to progress through the game.

Another great thing about match-3 games is that they’re quite delightful to look at. Almost every single game in the genre utilizes a really bright color palette while consisting of smooth and high quality animations capable of impressing anyone. These top tier visual elements are of course paired with some incredible sound effects and background music that basically bring everything together and make these games all the more immersive and enjoyable.

Moving further, another great thing about match-3 games is the fact that you get to compete with your friends in a way. At the start of every level you’ll see a score board that shows the different scores people have in that level and if any of your friends have played it then you’ll see their scores as well. In this way you can compare your stats with your friends and have a bit of friendly competition.

All things considered, there are a lot of factors that contribute to making match-3 games as addictive as they are, and there are a few more reasons to play and enjoy these brilliant games. Needless to say we definitely recommend you to try any match-3 game out because they certainly have the potential to impress whoever gives them a try.

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