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3 Ways Mobile Game Developers are Reinventing Mahjong on Smartphones

Diesen Artickel einschätzen Mahjong is no longer synonymous with the favorite table game people love playing during gatherings. This game, alongside its many variations, is being reinvented by countless creative developers. Casual Spiele kostenlos! - 3 Ways Mobile Game Developers are Reinventing Mahjong on Smartphones

Mahjong has turned from a niche game in the eastern part of the world to a global phenomenon. At its core, the game has complicated rules, and the tiles use hard-to-understand images that make the whole thing inaccessible to players. In a way, it requires a significant time investment to learn it thoroughly.

Regardless, one of its major components, the tiles, is the primary reason it's getting widespread attention. These are stunningly beautiful, which is why there are plenty of "spinoff" mahjong titles, like Mahjong Club - Solitaire Game, on the app stores today. With that said, developers are finding countless ways to reinvent the game, turning a game parlor favorite into something anyone can dive into.

So, in what ways are mobile game developers changing and reinventing mahjong? Well, the game has taken several forms, and these include:

Matching games

One of the newest ways developers are turning mahjong into a relatively new experience is by making it a match-3 game while introducing new tile designs. The basic premise of a mahjong match-3 game is straightforward: find three matching tiles on a grid and mark them. In a way, these mahjong games are highly comparable to well-known games like Bejeweled and Candy Crush.

Although they provide a relatively straightforward experience, they deliver a lot of intricacies. Some games try to up the ante by offering more challenging levels and introducing more tiles gradually as players progress.

Mahjong and solitaire merged into one

Mahjong Club - Solitaire Game

Apart from matching games, you can also dive into solitaire-like experiences, just with mahjong tiles. There are countless variations: from games that let you select similar tiles to those with gameplay similar to your everyday solitaire experience. One excellent example is Mahjong Club - Solitaire Game, where the aim is to pair up original mahjong tiles akin to matching cards in solitaire. It's a relatively fun and easy-to-pick-up experience that will challenge your ability to discern different designs - see our review here.

New gameplay elements

Mahjong can be the largest piece of the pie in a video game, but at the same time, it can have numerous other ingredients taking the form of different gameplay elements. For example, a mahjong game can have a rather exciting story to hook players, making them more invested. Plus, some developers have infused elements like home design, match-3 mechanics, and even story choices that will shape the main character's decision. Though they may deviate from the usual gameplay, having a little variety is always nice.

Overall, mahjong is here to stay

Even with the growth of gaming and the introduction of new games and countless other franchises, mahjong will continue to have an established presence, especially in the mobile gaming scene. You can attribute most of the appeal to its beautiful tiles, along with the ingenuity of the game developers using them as a base to create their original games.

So, what do you think? Will you try out mahjong games in the future? In any case, we recommend doing so, but if you're having trouble picking a game you'd like to play, check out our reviews or try out Mahjong Club - Solitaire Game on iOS.

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