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Best 3 Timed Bubble Shooter Games

Diesen Artickel einschätzen Are you fond of bubble shooters? Check out these three great games that you can try. Casual Spiele kostenlos! - Best 3 Timed Bubble Shooter Games

Bubble shooter games are highly addictive. One reason for this is that the gameplay is very intuitive. You need to shoot a bubble, which carries a specific color, into a group of similar bubbles so that they’ll be taken off the board. It doesn’t take much to recognize one color from the other, so basically this kind of game is a no-brainer.

Another reason it’s addicting is because of the challenge imposed by a time limit. With a time limit, your mind works double time. While there’s a little bit of stress to it, seeing your time record break that of others can be highly satisfying! If you don’t get the record, you’ll want to go back again until you broke the record. Even until then, you would still want to go back again and see if you can do better.

Make sure to have a lot of free time when you play these three timed bubble shooter games, because you might not want to stop!

First on this list is Bubble Epic. This game features the tree stump named Shrubbs, who has the ability to conjure up colored bubbles from inside him and then shoot it into targets of your choosing.

The gameplay is very elementary, like with all bubble shooter games. However, in Bubble Epic, you have the side quest of choosing special bubbles, all of which have special abilities that you can store in your magic bottles for use later on in the game. There’s also the challenge of being able to achieve a streak of bubble matches, which triggers a score multiplier so that you can rack up those points and be able to conquer the leaderboards, giving you bragging rights to your timeline!

You will want to get those scores up, because achieving a specific amount of points will unlock treasure chests with free power ups you can use to change your game.

If you like to take things at an insanely fast pace, you might want to try Bubble Raider. Based around the concept of treasure raiding in the spirit of Indiana Jones, Bubble Raider wants you to shoot quick, and shoot right. You can’t afford to miss or shoot at a wrong spot in the board with this game. Aside from the time limit, the ceiling depends a bit faster than most bubble shooters that you might have played, including Bubble Epic above.

In other words, precision, speed and thrill are three of the things that you can get out of playing Bubble Raider!

Last, but definitely not the least, is Zuma Blitz! This game combines the timed gameplay that we all loved in the classic Zuma for the PC with the mechanics of online gaming on Facebook. Keep the balls from reaching the holes by shooting making matches at strategic points of the ball parade. This will disrupt their flow temporarily, allowing you to eliminate as many balls as you can before the rolling resumes.

What’s new with Zuma Blitz? You can now challenge friends to a competitive match to see who can finish the game quickly!

What are you waiting for? Give these three timed bubble shooters a try!

Diesen Artickel einschätzen

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