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Can You Complete Casual Games Without Spending Money?

Diesen Artickel einschätzen Usually, most casual games come with cool power-ups and other boosters that you can acquire with real-world money. Here we'll discuss if it's possible to complete these games without purchasing these things Casual Spiele kostenlos! - Can You Complete Casual Games Without Spending Money?

It’s pretty common for a match-3 game to consist of power-ups and various other kinds of boosts that players can acquire by using real-world money. Some players choose to spend money on them to progress through the game quicker but in this article, we’ll be discussing if you can complete casual games without spending any actual money on them.

Before getting into further detail regarding the topic, first off, it’d be best to mention the things that you get access to by utilizing real-world money. The primary thing you can acquire is essentially a large number of lives, if you manage to lose a level multiple times in a row then normally there’s a small wait time until your life bar fills back up again but casual games allow players to instantly refill this bar with real money which is quite convenient for obvious reasons.

Another thing that players can get their hands on by using real-world money is a substantial amount of power-ups. As you progress through any match-3 game you automatically get some power-ups that are given to you for free, but for those who are looking to get an extra edge in levels can purchase power-ups for real money. The ability to get all kinds of power-ups with a few simple clicks and some money is of course something that can make the journey through the game easier.

However, to answer this question, it’s without a doubt possible to complete these games without spending a single penny on them. Successfully progressing through a match-3 game without needing to spend money is actually quite easy once you figure out how these games work and when you’ve gotten a proper mastery of them. For example, when you get the hang of creating special objects during levels then you won’t even need power-ups since you’ll be able to make massive waves in a level with these special objects alone. In certain cases when you do need power-ups though, you’ll then be able to utilize the power-ups that are given for free as the game progresses since you were able to save them before.

Onto the second issue which is the issue of in-game lives. On paper, it seems pretty obvious that those who purchase lives directly will be able to progress through the game much quicker and easier than those who do not but in the greater scheme of things, the ability to purchase lives seems rather insignificant since the rate at which you get new lives for free is actually quite fast. You can usually acquire a new life for free every 10-15 minutes which is pretty small and can even be considered a good thing since it allows players to rest for a while and then come back in it with a rejuvenated mind.

Simply put, players can definitely complete any casual game for free since the stuff you acquire with real-world money, while super convenient, isn’t really that game-changing when you look at it in the grand scheme of things. While on the topic, we recommend trying these games out so you can enjoy all the great moments that they have to offer.

Diesen Artickel einschätzen

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