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Casual Games: Why They're Here, and Why They'll Stay

Diesen Artickel einschätzen Casual games are here to stay, despite the pomp and grandeur of triple-A titles. Let’s find out some of the most notable reasons as to why: Casual Spiele kostenlos! - Casual Games: Why They're Here, and Why They'll Stay

The internet often highlights gaming as an activity bustling with dedicated people talking about the latest trends in hardware, tactics, and titles. Internet personalities, communities, and even web ads speak of a world filled with people who pour time and effort into mastering their love of the game. This makes fitting in a daunting prospect for some people who mainly play to enjoy. Despite all the pomp and grandeur gaming hobbyists and enthusiasts project, there is that other side that only plays and doesn't think of anything else apart from what they will be doing next. This is the world of casual gaming, and we shall find out why this side of leisure persists even without all the buzz around them.

Broader Appeal

Candy Crush

There's a reason highly technical games appeal to a limited audience: it takes too much time to understand how to play properly. Too many intricacies can put off people from even touching a title. Some don't fare too well even after getting a basic grasp of what to do. Casual games do away with needless complications and present a product that is fun right at the first minutes of play. They often have simple controls – some can be played with using a finger or moving the mouse around. This low learning curve means people don't have to spend days fiddling around with mechanics and movements: more play, less fuss.

Mobile and Web Accessibility

Cake Masters

Mobile gaming is becoming a major player in the current gaming landscape. This platform dispelled the old mindset that one has to buy a dedicated platform to start enjoying titles. The same can also be said of web browser-based games. It makes sense that a game targeting the widest audience possible has to be on platforms people will have the easiest access to. There is no need to worry about additional expenses when everything needed to play is as easy as opening a mobile phone or work computer.


Power Tower

Since casual games are made to sell to people who won't put hours into playing, it has to be something that can be figured out the moment one looks at the screen. If there's no need to look at the menu to start playing. Take the mobile game Power Tower – 3D Shooter as an example. All a player has to do is blast through a stack of platforms to nothing while ensuring that no shot gets deflected by revolving barriers. Players may fail on the first few tries, but even that is more than enough to get the game going.

Quick Fun

Klondike Solitaire

Most people won't be able to sink in more than 5 hours playing games for them to feel excitement and satisfaction. A casual game, especially match-3 games like Candy Blast, does away with time investment. No matter how long or short playtime is, players are confident that they can pick up where they left off no matter how busy life gets. Titles with simple and random objectives mostly mean that all a player has to worry about are objectives that do not change no matter how infrequently a game is played. It assures that nothing will be missed, and there will be no feeling of being left out.

Diesen Artickel einschätzen

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