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Great Casual Games to Kill Time

Diesen Artickel einschätzen Casual games help kill time, and are great options when you're waiting in line at the dentist, or on a crowded grocery store. Casual Spiele kostenlos! - Great Casual Games to Kill Time

One thing we all hate is to waste time. We have busy days full of tasks and responsibilities to accomplish and too little time to spend on ourselves. So, any minute that is subtracted pointlessly is infuriating.

Therefore, we have to find a way to spend these minutes on something that gives us a little joy. And this is where casual games come into the picture. Let us go through a few casual games you can enjoy on the go when there is nothing to do.

Bubble Island – A Fun Matching Game

Bubble Island game

Matching games are increasingly popular on both phones and computers. They are easy to get started with and relatively easy to master as well. Any match in a matching game can be done in a matter of few minutes so you never need to rush even when you are busy.

Bubble Island is a matching game where you man a canon that shoots colorful balls. The goal is to match the color of the balls you shoot with the balls on the upper screen of the level. If the color matches, it will clear the segment of balls. You have to clear all the balls to win. The trick is that you only have a limited number of balls so choose wisely!

Sports Betting – Use Your Knowledge of Sports

While betting on sports is not a game per say there are still a lot of the same elements present. It requires strategy, knowledge and to be able to predict events. It is a great way for many people interested in sports to test their knowledge and potentially earn a little extra on the side.

A big bonus is that you can bet wherever you are. If you are stuck at the grocery store in a line you can just whip out your phone and check which football matches are available for bets, for example. Information is key in this hobby, so gathering as much information about sports betting is advisable. This is especially important in regard to finding the right place to make your bets.

Pokémon Go – Something to do Wherever You Are

Pokemon Go is an outstandin casual game using augmented reality

Pokémon Go is a great app for many reasons. Firstly, it motivates you to go out more and exercise in your free time. Secondly, it allows you to have something to do wherever you are.

Pokémon spawn everywhere, so you can just boot up the app when you are bored and throw a few pokéballs around and catch some Pokémon. Secondly, if you are lucky, there will be pokéstops or gyms close to the area you are so you can collect supplies and fight Team GO Rocket members.

Pokémon Go can be applied to any situation and just a little bit of interaction with the app every day leaves you with nice progress that gives you something to show for the minutes you have spent on it.
It is also a great way to connect with friends and family who also might play the game. An overall win for everybody.

Diesen Artickel einschätzen

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