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Great Match-3 Titles

Diesen Artickel einschätzen Today we are bringing you a list of Great Match-3 Titles that we have enjoyed and we thought we would share to get you hooked into their addictive matching goodness. Casual Spiele kostenlos! - Great Match-3 Titles

Match 3 games have always imparted us with a unique appeal that is very enticing and fun to play as they throw in their bag of difficulties for the challenge. And though surmounting number of titles have been published, there are those that simply cut above the rest – the cream of the crop. In this article, we’ll tackle few innovative match-3 games that have caught our attention, and perfectly stirred up the norms in casual gaming.

Perhaps the key factor that elevates one game from the rest is the innovation found in it. Not only that, it should perfectly pitch in balance to the existing game element commonly found in every Match-3 game. Apart from that, there should also be tons of challenges laid out for players to enjoy to successively introduce something fresh to the game as you progress.

Other than that, a good Match-3 game should come with an appealing visual presentation as well. This includes various factors like how crisp the details are, the dynamics found in the game (some with interactive backgrounds), animations when combining tiles or blowing up power tiles, and the like. If a game is presented with eye-candy visuals, then by all means it becomes a whole lot more fun to play.

The following Match-3 games are just but a few that stand out from the usual varieties you may find:

The appeal behind Jewelion is probably its backing plot that perfectly situates you for the need to perform the levels. The game will bring you into an engaging plot that revolves around the stance you take as you set foot in the world of magic. It houses a lot of things to do in the game that includes collecting and forging your own power-ups, upgrading the abilities of your power-ups, socialize with other players, and performing daily quests. A top tier game that everyone should try it out especially considering the fact that there are over a 300+ challenging levels to play.

The same goes for Tales of Shyre, a great choice is you’re particularly enticed with games that have great accompanying plot to play through. Here, players take on the mission to restore life in the Shyre by searching and collecting all the missing pieces of the Magical Fountain. It shares a collection of various mini games from genres like management and even to bubble shooting type of games to give some spin to it. The game features up to 90 story challenges for all players to enjoy and offers two kinds of game modes – Adventure and Freeplay. The adventure mode is where players continue the mission and play games guided by the story, while the Freeplay mode allows players to enjoy various types of games found in-game.

Unwell Mel is another great game to situate you with the need to perform the levels of the game. In this game, you are a physician – tasked to gather the evidence, eliminate gunk and bugs, and clear the symptoms pestering our unwilling subject named Mel, and gradually resolve a diagnosis for him, one disease at time. Enjoy playing through its collection of levels as you enter the hilariously tragic world of Mel and his absurd illnesses.

Another brilliant Match-3 game to is Kingcraft, in this unique Match-3 game, you progress through the levels depending on the path you choose and territories you conquer. Levels in the game are given as the different plots of lands and territories that you may want to conquer. As you conquer more territories, your influence rises, providing you with an equivalent rank addressed to you as you progress. As the lands you conquer vary, so will the accompanying tiles to be played within it change accordingly. An interesting game pitched in with great 3D visuals and lots of levels to play.

These games are just but a few - besting their genre. Nonetheless, almost every match-3 game incorporates tons of challenge and excitement, but these few selections we recommend you to try - in order to get you hooked into the match-3 goodness that everyone enjoys.

Diesen Artickel einschätzen

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