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Indy Cat on Mobile

Diesen Artickel einschätzen Indy Cat is a really popular match-3 game that at was at first released only on browsers but as the game's popularity grow, so did the amount of platforms it existed on. Casual Spiele kostenlos! - Indy Cat on Mobile

Now, Indy Cat is also available on mobile and in this article we'll be, in a way, comparing the mobile version with the standard browser based version to see how it fares, how different it is and whether the experience is better or worse.

The first that players will notice with the mobile version is that the control scheme doesn't work like it does in the standard browser based version. Instead of clicking objects with your mouse to swap places, you'll instead have to manually do so with your fingers as with most mobile based match-3 games. While it certainly feels different from the standard style, the overall execution of the controls has been pulled off nicely so they work really smoothly. You will rarely encounter issues in which you intended to select one object but ended up selecting the other and this is something that the developers should be applauded for as it's often quite hard to properly setup controls on mobile devices.

One really nice thing about the mobile version of Indy Cat is the fact that it's updated really often. This isn't to say that the PC version is kept in the dark though, it sees its fair share of updates as well but it's pretty well known that games on the mobile platform tend to require a bit of extra attention as the likelihood of bugs appearing is much bigger.
Thankfully, due to how frequently the game is updated and how much attention the developer pays to it, you will rarely, if ever, encounter any kind of technical difficulties or issues. Another bonus that comes with so many updates is the fact that new content is added at a much higher frequency than usual which is great news, especially for the veteran players who don't take long the complete all the levels.

One trend in mobile games that are ports of PC games is that they tend to have downgraded visuals so that most devices can run them properly without any issues. However, that isn't the case with Indy Cat as it goes all out with the visuals of its mobile version and sometimes it even looks better than the standard version because the animations feel a lot smoother and the color scheme seems to have been polished a tad bit more. What's great is the fact that despite the amped up quality, the game has no difficulty maintaining high frame-rates on even low-end devices which is a testament to how well optimized it is.

All things considered, it's fair to conclude that the mobile version of Indy Cat is just as fun, if not better, than the original browser version designed for PCs. Regardless of the platform, we recommend that you try this game out for yourself to enjoy all that it has to offer.

Diesen Artickel einschätzen

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