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Micro-transactions in Match-3 Games

Diesen Artickel einschätzen There are a lot of games, and many of them you can do an extra payment for called a Micro Transaction, but what are they and how do they work? Casual Spiele kostenlos! - Micro-transactions in Match-3 Games

Nowadays it's a pretty well known fact that no match-3 game is complete unless it has its own share of micro-transactions backing the gameplay up. In this article we'll be discussing the micro-transactions of this genre in a bit more detail, and talking about a few related things such as how they've helped the genre grow and how they allow players to do something for the games that they enjoy while getting some really cool in-game content in return.

The micro-transactions in match-3 games basically allow players to acquire a wide variety of in-game stuff. This stuff ranges from things like currencies to power-ups and over the years, these transactions have become a pretty crucial part of pretty much every single game in this genre since they allow players to get through difficult stages without too much hassle by letting them purchase things like power-ups or boosters while also giving them a way to directly show support for the game that they enjoy playing so much. Keeping these things in mind it's pretty clear why this feature has become so common nowadays and why it's here to stay.

Moving onto the stuff you can actually acquire in match-3 games through micro-transactions, the list is fairly long. First off come the premium currencies of course. These currencies are of many different kinds such as gems, cash, diamonds, gold and each separate game basically has its own type of currency. The primary use for these currencies is that they can be used to purchase extra lives while in-game which is extremely convenient since players often run out of lives especially during difficult phases of the game so this option basically allows them to keep playing on even after losing a few times which is great for the longevity of any game.

Secondly you have the more sought after features which are the power-ups. Each match-3 games has its own set of power-ups to offer but there are a few common ones out there such as the one that allows you to destroy a single object with a click or the power-up that allows you to switch the places of two objects without penalty. These are just the tip of the iceberg of course and there are many other kinds out there that can be purchased through micro-transactions and add a lot of depth to the game.

Alongside all this there are also boosters. Some players might consider boosters to be the same as power-ups but the main difference between these is that boosters are basically bonuses that you can purchase before the start of a level in order to get an edge. Boosters can do things like add extra moves or multiply the score you get by a certain amount.

Overall, there are a lot of things that you can get your hands on in match-3 games with the help of micro-transactions and all these things help make the gameplay a lot more engaging. Speaking of match-3 games, they're really fun to play thanks to their simple yet addictive nature so we recommend that you try a few out.

Diesen Artickel einschätzen

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