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Monetizing Free Games

Diesen Artickel einschätzen Nowadays everyone is looking for free games. Developing games costs money, so have you ever wondered how game developers monetize free games? Casual Spiele kostenlos! - Monetizing Free Games

Games are more popular than ever, and it seems like one of the most popular search terms on Google is Free Games. Everyone loves free games, and game developers try to create more games that can be played free. However, developing games costs money, and the developers must see a return on their investment, these article will list several ways to monetize free games.

The most popular way to monetize free games is using in game ads. These ads are very easy to implement, and they’re a great source of income. Implementing the ads is easy, game developers don’t have to work hard to find advertisers, they can simply apply on an existing ad program, such as AdSense for Games, or CPMStar, and gain access to a large inventory of advertisers.

The advantage of using ads to monetize free games is its simplicity and the fact the revenue is being generated immediately. The disadvantage is that ads may have bad effect on user experience in the game.

Another way to monetize free games is using an offer wall - if a game has an in game economy, where players own virtual currency or money, the game can cooperate with an offer wall company. Using an offer wall, Players can gain in game money or items in return for completing offers.

Example of offers could be downloading a software, registering to a service or playing another game. Offerwalls are a bit more tricky to implement, since they have to have some interface with the game, but the advantage is that they don’t hurt the user experience.

An alternative to the above methods would be to earn money by licensing the game to other websites. If the game is good game websites will be happy to host it in their portals, and they’d be willing to pay for it, because it adds great content and improves the appear of their website.

This article reviewed three great ways to monetize free games, good luck creating great games and monetizing them!

Diesen Artickel einschätzen

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