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Popular Israeli Studios and the Casual Games They Have Created

Diesen Artickel einschätzen Gaming is a global phenomenon, and Israeli studios aren’t left out. Some have brought forth outstanding casual experiences that can easily be considered a must-play. Casual Spiele kostenlos! - Popular Israeli Studios and the Casual Games They Have Created

The video games industry in Israel is rising, and some gaming studios stand out. Most have created casual experiences perfect for everyone, while others created games that made large splashes in online storefronts like Steam. Though classified as indie studios, they rake in vast amounts of profit, making the country a significant name in game development.

With this in mind, let's look at some of the biggest names in the Israeli game development scene. Who knows, you might have played some of their games!



The first studio that deserves mention is Playtika, which has been developing games for over ten years. The company has a rather interesting portfolio with several free-to-play and "no gambling involved" casino titles.

However, the company stands out thanks to its numerous casual experiences ranging from match-3 titles and hidden object games. Notable titles include
Best Fiends and the awesome-looking Switchcraft, which more likes an RPG than a match-3 adventure.

Both games are developed by Wooga and Seriously Digital Entertainment, respectively, which are both part of the Playtika umbrella. If you'd like to check out Playtika's in-house games, be sure to check out their Google Play portfolio.


Jewels Planet

Teskin may not be the biggest name on this list, but they have an outstanding portfolio of fun casual games specializing in match-3 experiences. So far, its most famous game is Jewels Planet, which garnered over 10 million downloads.

Moon Active

Coin Master

Next on the list is Moon Active, which is based in the idyllic city of Tel Aviv, though they have several offices in Poland. The studio doesn't exactly have a large portfolio, but its two games have made a mark. After all, two of its creations, Coin Master and Pet Master, have 100 million and one million downloads each. There's also MyCafe which has 50 million downloads. We all look forward to their continued success and more games from them in the near future.

Clover Bite Games

Ringers Puzzle

There’s also Clover Bite Games, which has recently made waves thanks to one of their creations, GRIME, which was a massive hit on Steam.

However, apart from they also have a fresh release, Ringers. This casual puzzle experience provides a fresh new take on how puzzles play. Although the circular shape and symbols may appear daunting to new players at first, it's relatively easy to learn and pick up and play. We’ve gotten our hands on it before, and we’ve totally enjoyed our time with it: just check out our review of Ringers here.

Yo-Yoo Games

Yo-Yoo games library

Apart from mobile and Steam game makers, there are also those who host or provide free games or as they say, משחקים בחינם. One of the most notable of the bunch is Yo-Yoo Games, a studio specializing in HTML5 titles.

Yo-Yoo Games puts accessibility on a pedestal by making its games available on both desktop and mobile browsers. Anyone with an internet connection and a device with installed browsers like Google Chrome can dive into their massive library of games. There's no need for downloads or tedious sign-ups; playing games on Yo-Yoo Games is completely hassle-free! Best yet, the site is entirely in Hebrew, a language that more than 90% of Israelis are proficient in.

So, if free browser games are what you seek, you might want to drop by Yo-Yoo Games and check it out!

Overall though, the video game scene in Israel is poised to grow, with many studios successfully crafting hit titles downloaded by millions across the world. Casual titles playable on mobile are just the start, along with HTML5 games on browsers. We may see them create more comprehensive experiences in the future.

Diesen Artickel einschätzen

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