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Power-Ups in Match-3 Games

Diesen Artickel einschätzen Every single person who plays match-3 games will agree that the key things that gives these games most of their flavor are the incredible power-ups that players get to utilize during their play. Casual Spiele kostenlos! - Power-Ups in Match-3 Games

Power-ups are like the unsung heroes of every match-3 game but in this article we’ll be putting the spotlight on them and talking little bit about why they’re so important and play such a crucial role in pretty much every single game that they’re a part of.

Before discussing their role in more detail, first off it’d be wise to discuss some of the power-ups that are common throughouts most match-3 games. The power-up with the highest popularity is probably the hammer which basically allows you to get rid of any object from the playing field with a simple click. Although it doesn’t sound like it does much on paper, it can completely turn the tide of a level if utilized to its fullest potential.

The second most sought after power-up is the swap. It’s a rule in every match-3 game that you can’t switch places of two objects unless match is being formed but this power-up overrides said rule and allows players to switch the places of two adjacent objects with absolutely no penalty. It’s pretty clear on paper how this can be used in various creative ways to acquire an upper-hand during levels in which you have a limited amount of moves at your disposal and things seem grim.

The primary advantage of power-ups is of course the fact that they make the game much more doable. It’s pretty common understanding that some of the games from this genre consist of a few incredibly difficult levels that simply cannot be completed within the given amount of time or the given amount of moves. This is where these power-ups come into play the most. They allow players to manipulate the playing field a little bit and get some much needed momentum that they can carry all the way through to the end.

All things set aside, perhaps the most worthwhile reason for the addition of power-ups is the fact that they simply make the game much more fun and enjoyable. A match-3 game without power-ups with no doubt be rather dull and even tedious at times but these things are like the ribbon that holds this genre together thanks to all the depth they bring in terms of gameplay and such. The more power-ups there are in a match-3 game, the better and with the passage of time we’ve seen some incredible, highly unique concepts for power-ups that are sure to be a part of future match-3 games.

All things considered, it’s a universally agreed on fact that match-3 games are given a lot of their depth and flavour through power-ups. While on the subject of this genre, we’d like to recommend that you try out a few games from it as they’re all simply great fun to play and are more than capable of keeping anyone entertained for hours on-end.

Diesen Artickel einschätzen

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