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Puzzle Games to Challenge Your Mind on EZJO

Diesen Artickel einschätzen Puzzle Games have been played not only for entertainment but also to give you a challenge that the mind can solve. If you want to train your brain or get you to think hard, then check out this list on EZJO.
Casual Spiele kostenlos! - Puzzle Games to Challenge Your Mind on EZJO

Put on your thinking cap and get your mind going with these simple but complex puzzle games that are all available on EZJO. We recommend trying them out, especially since we're sure you might be looking for new games to try out.

Happy Farm: Make Water Pipes

Irrigating the crops in Happy Farm Make Water Pipes

Play as the farmer and have some fun rearranging the pipes to get your crops watered. Each puzzle piece has a source that stays in place and plants beds, tubings, and fittings which you can rotate to 90 degrees. In Happy Farm: Make Water Pipes, you need to ensure all plants are watered so that you can clear the stage. As water passes by a pipe, it animates and follows the overall color from a dull grey it previously was. The crop pops up as well if you successfully get the irrigation there. You have a lot of fittings like 90 degrees elbow, cross, straight, to rotate and combine to get all of your plants watered.

The game mechanics may be simple but you need to think of the correct combination to solve them. So give it a try and get your farm up and running!

Word Detector

Playing a word in Wordmeister

Time to rack your brain and figure out the words that you can compose using the letters given out on the board in Word Detector. To make one, you can link each of the tiles together by clicking on the starting letter and then dragging your mouse to connect to the others. When you let go, it will end the chain and the word gets formed. The list of available words you can discover on the current stage is located on the top of the screen and with each one you find, it will register it there.

If you are into solving word puzzles, then you’re gonna love this.

Santa Rescue

Creating words in Word Detector

Get ready to save Christmas and help Santa retrieve the gifts in Santa Rescue. The mechanics for the game are simple and the controls are just a click away. To clear a stage, you need to gather all the gifts hidden from Santa at the same time avoid all the dangers surrounding him. You can remove the pins by touching or clicking on them and anything on top of it falls. There are hazardous materials like lava that will do you harm and you need to avoid this by watering it down to make them into stone, or just not touch them at all. You also will face monsters like a snowman which you can destroy by dropping lava into them or a big gift.

So bring on your skills and help save the gifts!


Saving the gifts in Santa Rescue

If you are a fan of board-and-tile word games then Wordmeister is the one for you. Select among eight possible avatars and compete against other players by creating English words based on the letters you get from randomly drawn tiles. The one who wins the starting draw gets to create the first word on the board but it should be on top of the center start and can be read horizontally or vertically. Each of the letters represents a number and your score is tallied by the corresponding words that you can create alone or linked with other ones. There are tiles with bonuses and are tagged by a color scheme. A good vocabulary in English is needed to win and if you think you have what it takes, then give it a try now!

Overall, these are some of the puzzle games that greatly challenge your mind on EZJO. Not only are they entertaining, but will help you sharpen your memory and increase your intelligence as well. So have fun and enjoy solving them all.

Diesen Artickel einschätzen

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