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The Future of Match-3 Games

Diesen Artickel einschätzen We have enjoyed a fair share of match 3 games that are truly fun, easily to get into, and relatively challenging and addictive. But what does the future hold for them with regards to innovation and growth? Casual Spiele kostenlos! - The Future of Match-3 Games

Match 3 games are without question enjoyable and addictive games to play. Being pummeled by a sudden strike of interest, we have been given a fair share of varieties in them, introducing few tweaks at a time, and accompanying plots every now and then. With all the given choices we have, a striking resemblance and formulation becomes obvious with the more recent titles that come. With that said, what future does this genre of casual games hold? And how can we expect the constant interest of participants?

Though they are simple to play and offer an infinite possibility of fun, one can easily get enough of the stereotypical challenge that most Match-3 games share. Even if there is a lot of enjoyment to be had, and entertainment for the participants, the repetitive tasks of match 3 games can potentially dissuade even avid patrons of the bunch. Suddenly, the numbers of levels of one game has no longer matters, for as long as the puzzle becomes a stereotype, the motivation to beat them heavily declines.

Luckily, among these match 3 titles are gems for the taking. Some endow a complete revamp to the age old gameplay, other diversify their focus on the other elements of the game like a progressive backing plot to grow your story with as you play the puzzle matches in-between, and other games simply introduce other factors to strategize and balance.

Compounded by the efforts of polishing, these minute or multitudes of improvements over some genuinely innovative match 3 games make up the future games that could potentially stimulate the craze to the genre once again.

First in line: Effects of matching. Yes, there are several games that endow us the rational need to collect a number of tiles in a level. Some games situate their levels in efforts to convey a plausible entry of challenge (say an enemy encounter)in the story or accompanying plot of the game. The use of the matches becomes relatively more important and more convincing to play rather than throwing a bunch of requirements over and over again. The slightest detail added to these types of “much more polished” games can quite change the players motivation to play the game.

Not limited to this, Match 3 puzzles can also convey a dynamic growth over the game. Some games use them as relative mana (resource), gathered and used to execute skills in the game. One great example to this is the game “The Heavens” – situating the match 3 game in order to cast skills and spells to the opposing player/enemy. A game called Collosatron on the other hand uses the tile matching challenge to situate the dynamic growth of an alien battle ship in order to upgrade its defenses and power – to create havoc in the given levels as well as to survive the counter-attacks of the tanks, jets, and soldiers.

With these, the need for any power-ups can additionally spark a new layer of activity to balance out and put efforts with on the game. Otherwise, passive upgrades can be introduced to the elements of the game as people get to earn resources while playing through the levels. In concept, it is rather similar to what we have now, but in application, a fresh new activity can ultimately be enjoyed by the patrons of the genre.

More so, future match 3 games should put a bit more focus on handing out a more sensible or in-depth backing story to the game. Although straying far to the passive selling points of a casual game, it would hurt to put a bit more detail for those interested on justifying each and every course of action into the game. For as long as the gameplay relates to the delivery of the story, a different approach onto the presentation of the game with more animations and narratives - would overall be great praise to the game despite opposing the norms of its genre, at the same time fetch more interest in players.

Multiplayer modes have also seen the light over some competitive match 3 games. But making it a staple feature over the future games would also help popularize the casual game even more. While some of the current day competitive casual games endow this match-up feature, the idea to get players actively playing “cooperatively” with each other is yet to be experienced. This feature may be very much welcomed by today’s roster of socially-inclined online players.

Putting everything into contrast, these ideas are just but a few to keep up with the changing times, and maximizing the potential of today’s technology. These are merely suggestions, and we at are at great hopes to find them in the days to come – to review them, and share with you.

Diesen Artickel einschätzen

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