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Tips and Tricks to Be Good at Match 3 Games

Diesen Artickel einschätzen Get to learn simple ways to help you build progress towards the levels and layouts of a match-3 game. In this short article, let us discuss some relative "Tips and Tricks to Get Good at Match-3 Games"! Casual Spiele kostenlos! - Tips and Tricks to Be Good at Match 3 Games

The answer is “Yes!”. Yes there is a trick to it, match-3 games do have some better ways to be figured out and handled to help prevent board lock-ups and earn you better scores when playing. Not limited to figuring them out, rendering some great tips and tricks can provide you with some strategies to find your way through the levels of the game.

Put methods in your efforts. If you find more than just one plausible move in an array of adjacently positioned tiles, figure out which of the options would provide you with a better choice later on in the game. This practice may seem be a whole lot harder a first, but as you get used to it, you will definitely become a better player of matc-3 games. More so, in most match 3 games, getting to match four is better than three. Even better, matching five tiles often times get you the rainbow tiles (or special tiles) that you can use to blow the layout to smithereens at your own discretion.

Another great tip is to save your power-ups (boosters in some games). Playing a whole lot of them will make this very obvious. Obtaining power-ups in a match 3 game is very difficult – which in return makes sense that they are valuable assets to you, to be used on limited and seemingly desperate occasions. Save them until you really fall on a tight spot and difficult level to put them to use. And not unless you are sure to get a hold of victory to that level, DO NOT use them.

Matching up a succession of tiles in most match-3 games will also fetch you some combo bonuses to pump up your score. Sometimes though, it is seemingly more reasonable to make your matches at the lower part of the board – for doing so will cause a larger shift of the tiles above them revealing new options for you to progress through. If the pertaining combo persists to be available with this option, start from the lower parts of the combo all the way up – leaving you with more new tiles to match after the combo.

Plant and scatter some power tiles in the layout. Common to most match 3 games, matching 4 tiles will provide you with a power tile. A power tile could either blow up a complete horizontal or vertical line in the layout upon use. More interestingly, combining two adjacent power tiles (by usually interchanging their positions) should fetch you interesting destruction in the puzzle layout. This also works just as interesting with the rainbow tile (the one obtained by matching five tiles). Always choose to match those that will fetch you power tiles in the layout, plant them everywhere - you’ll never know when you could pull of some great stunts therein.

Lastly, we give you the tip to “Have a break”. Tired of repeating on a difficult level? It may seem that having the movement penalty system works only to benefit the creators of the game (for in-game purchases of additional life), but in reality, you also gain leverage from this. Trying to pick up on a solution will put great strain in your brain – there limiting your ability to play a whole lot smarter than when you are relaxed playing. Having you pick up on a break will surely get you ready for a better game next time.

So until then, take on some great challenge, enjoy and happy match 3 gaming!

Diesen Artickel einschätzen

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