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Tips for Sweety Kitty: Boosters and Power-Ups

Diesen Artickel einschätzen Being quite different from the others, Sweety Kitty is a match-3 puzzle game that can really get on your nerves especially when you don't know what does what or how to get a certain special candy. So, we hear your pleas for a guide and have come up with one. Hopefully it helps! Casual Spiele kostenlos! - Tips for Sweety Kitty: Boosters and Power-Ups

Sweety Kitty is a match-3 puzzle game that is very unlike any other, mainly because knowing what to match just to get that power-up you need can be incredibly important... especially if you’ve just got that one last pesky piece left on the board to clear. However, Sweety Kitty just has so many of these power-ups, and of course, boosters that are there to help to the point where you may forget what a certain booster does or how to get a rainbow candy for example.

So, here we are to clear some things up. Hopefully you’ll find this guide helpful!

Match-Based Power-Ups

These are power-ups that can be obtained by matching or by purchasing them PRIOR to entering a game. They include the Rainbow Candy, the Diagonally-Striped Candy, the Vertical/Horizontally-Striped Candy, the Candy Cats and the Ice Cream Ball.

Vertical/Horizontally-Striped Candy

You can get the Vertical/Horizontally-Striped Candy rather easily by matching 4 candies together in a linear form, be it in a row or a column. The resulting candy you get will differ depending on which direction you swipe the matching candy.

If you have to swipe the matching candy upwards or downwards, then you’ll get a Vertically-Striped Candy. On the other hand, if you have to swipe the matching candy left or right to form the Match-4 combo, then you’ll get a Horizontally-Striped Candy instead.

Vertically-Striped Candy will clear the entire column of candies in the same column as the power-up, while Horizontally-Striped Candy will clear the entire row of candies in the same row as the power-up.

Candy Cats

To get a Candy Cats, you can match your candies in one of two methods – 1. The most common method: A match-4 in the shape of a square; OR 2. A match-5 that has a match-4 square in it.

So, what does a Candy Cats do? It can help you clear a random piece of goal-linked candy from the board when matched. “Goal-linked” here refers to a candy that is required by the level’s goal, or in other words, a candy that you’ll need to clear or gather in order to finish the level successfully.

Diagonally-Striped Candy

I find Diagonally-Striped Candies to be not as helpful as the rest of the power-ups, but they do come in handy from time to time. To get one, you’ll need to match 5 candies in an L-shaped form.

As is its namesake, Diagonally-Striped Candies will be able to clear all candies in an X-like configuration when matched.

Rainbow Candy

If you have played any other match-3 puzzle games before, you should be able to easily guess what this Rainbow Candy do – it clears all candies of the same color and/or type as the one it is swapped with. Unlike other power-ups, you don’t need to match this candy with any other candies.

How to get a Rainbow Candy? Well, you simply need to match 5 candies of the same color together in a linear (row or column) form.

Ice Cream Ball

Ice Cream Ball is a rather unique power-up in this game. You can get it only by matching 6 candies together in a rather special configuration – a linear 5 candies arrangement but the middle candy has an extra candy on either side.

Like the Rainbow Candy, Ice Cream Ball can be triggered simply by swapping (and not matching) with another candy. However, unlike the Rainbow Candy, the direction of the swap is very important here because Ice Cream Ball will cause an effect – a huge ice cream ball rolling down the path – that will clear three whole rows or columns of candies in the direction you push the ball towards.

Buying Power-Ups Before Entering a Game

There are 3 types of what I call “Buyable Power-Ups” that you can well.... buy before entering a game, though you may sometimes get a few for free. These 3 types of special Power-Ups, which includes Candy Cats, Rainbow Candy and Ice Cream Ball, will add their corresponding Power-Ups to the level you hop into even before the level begins, giving you a really nice head start to a tougher level.


Boosters are special items that you can buy using money. Sometimes, you can get them for free by collecting enough stars. They don’t consume a move when used and can be very helpful when you’re just 1 candy piece shy of completing a level.


The Spatula can help you clear a single candy or obstacle of your choice when used. It is incredibly useful for getting to those hard-to-reach candies.

Knitting Needles

Knitting Needles has an effect that’s a combination of a Vertically-Striped and Horizontally-Striped Candy, which means that it will clear all the candies in the same row AND column that you place it on.

Oven Glove

Oven Glove allows you to switch any two candies on the board of your choice. It can be quite useful at times, but to be honest, the Spatula comes in handy more often than the Oven Glove.

Rainbow Lollipop

The Rainbow Lollipop works exactly the same as a Rainbow Candy – it clears all candies of the selected color from the board. However, the obvious advantage to having a Rainbow Lollipop than a Rainbow Candy is that you can use it on any candy of any color or type on the playing field. The Candy version can only be swapped with their neighboring candies, limiting the choices you have to at most 4 colors/types.

Extra Moves

You can’t exactly buy or use this directly from the Boosters panel on the right side of the screen. Instead, the option to buy extra moves will only pop up after you’ve exhausted your moves but you have yet to complete the level goals.

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