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2015 Top 10 Juegos de Casual

2015 Casual Juegos
10 Bubble Quest 2

Bubble Quest 2

Disparador de burbujas Enjoy a fantastic bubble popping experience that is unlike any other you’ve played before.

Go through tons of different levels each with a different objective from the last and high quality level design.

Utilize power-ups along your journey to amplify your experience to a whole new level of excitement.
9 Vote
9 Juice Jam

Juice Jam

Match 3 Enjoy a fun and addictive match-3 experience full of great gameplay.

Travel to many different regions to serve your customers awesome juices.

Create special fruits on the playing area for added special effects and extra score bonuses to aid your progress.
9 Vote
8 FarmVille: Harvest Swap

FarmVille: Harvest Swap

Match 3 Help manage the farm by collecting all of the crops together.

Deal with emergencies and special occasions with unique levels.

Enjoy the stunning graphics and truly unique gameplay twists.
9,5 Vote
7 Ore Blast Mania

Ore Blast Mania

Match 3 Enjoy an all new form of matching addiction – mineral ore pairing.

Utilize special stones to get you blowing the layout much faster and meet the level’s objectives.

Get loco for ore-finds as you solve the multitudes of levels with progressive challenges in the game.
10 Vote
6 Merry Christmas Wishes

Merry Christmas Wishes

Match 3 Get into the holiday spirit with this fantastic match-3 game that’s full of fun and enjoyment.

Complete the levels as quickly and efficiently as possible to get a high score

Use the power-ups at your disposal to get an edge during some of the tougher levels.
10 Vote
5 Monster Busters: Hexa Blast

Monster Busters: Hexa Blast

Match 3 Enjoy a wonderful match-3 game in this beautiful hexagon rendition of the game.

Immerse over occasional boss battles as you progress through the stages.

Rescue our helpless Gingerbread man from the monsters over the field by clearing them.
10 Vote
4 Dreamlike Mix

Dreamlike Mix

Match 3 Pick your favorite character and begin a fun adventure full of action.

Use special abilities in each game to clear the beads.

Enjoy a brilliant game full of stunning match 3 levels and boosters.
10 Vote
3 Fresh Smash

Fresh Smash

Match 3 Immerse yourself in this highly addictive match-3 game that’s sure to impress and entertain.

Play through tons of expertly crafted levels that will test your skills to their limits.

Enjoy the amazing visuals that’ll enhance your experience to a whole new level.
10 Vote
2 Cubic Boom

Cubic Boom

Match 3 Help our cute animal friends chase their gang of circus performers.

Enhance your aptitude to solve these tile-matching puzzles faster and more efficiently.

Witness the funny chase as you beat the succession of levels.
10 Vote
1 Stone Legend

Stone Legend

Match 3 Enjoy a fun and engaging match-3 experience full of great gameplay.

Progress through the game by solving the amazing and highly creative levels.

Use the many different power-ups at your disposal to give yourself an edge during levels.
10 Vote