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2015 Le Jeu Casual Le Plus Jou

2015 Casual Jeux
10 Button Mix

Button Mix

Match 3 Get a unique spin of your favorite match 3 game with weaves of buttons and fashion for a mix.

Enjoy new dynamic layouts that continuously animate and intervene as you play the puzzles.

Combine 4 or more same colored buttons to retrieve powerful tiles to rig the layout.
28 Joué
9 Wild & Cute: Match 3

Wild & Cute: Match 3

Match 3 Enjoy an awesome match-3 game with a really cute theme.

Utilize the many different power-ups available to get some much needed aid during levels.

Complete the objective in as less moves as possible to get really high score.
32 Joué
8 Juicy Pop

Juicy Pop

Match 3 Take on the adventure of a lifetime and explore the magical forest in Juicy Pop.

Match a combination of fruits in order to unlock boos items and special upgrades.

Top 18 maps of challenges and ace the leaderboards.
33 Joué
7 Secrets of the Past

Secrets of the Past

Match 3 Travel through the ends of the world in search for historical artifacts.

Earn bonus tiles from matching 4 or more tiles of the same type and use them to your advantage.

Participate over the multitudes of levels to beat and obtain sets of artifacts in exchange for power-ups.
36 Joué
6 Buggle 2

Buggle 2

Match 3 Reunite with our cute bear host Andrew in this brimming new bubble shooter sequel.

Travel through the honey-filled world of Buggle 2 as you shoot and match the puzzle bubbles.

Earn rewards from clearing the levels and earn resources to purchase power-ups and bonuses.
43 Joué
5 Dreamland Story

Dreamland Story

Match 3 Experience an epic match-3 game with a unique design and new gameplay features.

Utilize boosters along the way to aid you in getting better scores.

Combine together more than three pillows at the same time for special effects that have many positive effects on your level.
44 Joué
4 Sugar Witch

Sugar Witch

Match 3 Collect all the candies in the land and help the Sugar Witch.

Match four or more candies of the same type to get additional bonus.

Explore the entire land of the Sugar Witch and rise to the highest level among friends.
46 Joué
3 Candy Valley

Candy Valley

Match 3 Immerse yourself in a fun and colorful match-3 experience.

Go an epic journey through the valley as you complete the multitudes of levels that await you.

Utilize cool power-ups along the way to complete levels at a much faster pace.
108 Joué
2 Toy Blast

Toy Blast

Type de BlocMatch 3 Protect the tiny toys from the dangers that lie ahead by removing them from the game board.

Explore an exciting set of levels filled with different dangers and challenges that you can experience at all times.

Connect with your friends and improve each other’s gameplay as you see fit.
170 Joué
1 Bubble CoCo

Bubble CoCo

Tireur de Bulle Play through a fun and exciting bubble popper experience.

Help the chicken get back her eggs from the devious fox that stole them.

Enjoy a variety of unique levels with different bubble layouts requiring you to be creative with your shots.
257 Joué