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Android Casual 3D Home DesignMatch 3
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Complete the levels by matching the tiles.

Get the awards to remodel the home.

Collect photo clips to complete the image.

Imagine traveling to Hawaii and finding out the home of your childhood doesn’t look as pristine as before. Make the most of your vacation by remodeling it! All you have to do is to play a match-3 game.

Dream Home Match is a match-3 game, which means you need to find at least three consecutive same-looking items on the screen to keep playing. In every level, you will have a goal, which is usually an item you should collect. Once you clear that, you get a reward. In this case, you will have a trophy.

You then need a trophy to start remodeling the house. If you don’t know where to start, the game already does this for you. Listen to the conversation and view the task list. If you want to complete that, surrender your award.

At certain sections, you may have to choose the design of the furniture or the fixtures, making the game personal and even fun! Don't you like the look? Just swap it with something else at no extra cost.

Now, if the game sounds similar to a favorite game, it’s because it is. Dream Home Match has all the elements of Homescapes, which may not sit well with its most loyal fans. Note, though, there are two most significant differences.

One, Dream Home Match’s levels are more comfortable to complete. With Homescapes, beginners may end up using their virtual money even before they reach level 10. It’s quite challenging to play.

Second, Dream Home Match introduces another feature, which is a collection of “clips” to complete the actual image. You can then add it to your photo album, which is also a signal you achieved a level.

Like in any match-3 game, you can use some boosters and power-ups. It’s also easy to make them since this game accepts more patterns than the others. For example, you can trigger them when you create a square (of four same items) or even a group of five as long as they’re near one another.

There’s also no time limit, although you need to maximize your number of moves. You also have the option to press skip once you completed the game, and you don’t have to miss out on the bonus coins.

It can also be generous with virtual money. If you sign up with your Facebook, you can get an automatic 1,000 virtual coins. You will also receive daily rewards if you remain consistent in playing the game.

Graphics are essential in the game, mainly since it revolves around interior design. They don’t look smashing or vivid, but they’re comparable to Homescapes, which also has a nice render. Perhaps a minor complaint will be the dialogues. There are times when you cannot skip them.

It’s hard to tell whether Dream Home Match is better than Homescapes, but one thing is for sure: it’s a great introduction to more complex match-3 games for the beginners. Dream Home Match Summary

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Get the awards to remodel the home.

Collect photo clips to complete the image.
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