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3D Match 3
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Collect magic beans to help you in your quest.

Match up cute cropsies together to complete levels.

Unlock animal friends to help you on the way and be the hero of the Farm.

Farm Heroes Saga takes the gem match style and turns it into something amazing, and really cute at the same time. With the play style of match 3 of the same shape together, combined with animals and cute “cropsies” you get a wonderful and fun game to play.

On each level you need to collect a certain amount of each cropsie and also score a specific number of points to get a star. Each level has 3 stars available, and you need at least 1 to complete the level.

The idea is to match 3 of the same cropsie together, these will jump out of the farm and be replaced by more that come down from the top. Every level has a different shape or unique obstacle to overcome, keeping the game very engaging as there is always something new when you finish a level.

As you work your way through the levels you will also be able to unlock animals, by scoring high and getting stars. Each few levels there are 3 animals to unlock on 1 single level with 1 animal per star you get on the level. These animals form part of a collection, and when you complete the collection you get a free booster.

These boosters are also unlocked as you play through the levels, each has 3 charges and will have a special effect on the cropsies. From digging out 1 cropsie to removing a whole line of them and beyond. These boosts are very powerful but you only get 3 for free. After that you will need to buy them.

There are 3 currencies in the game, Lives, Magic Beans and Gold Bars. You begin the game with 5 lives, and every time you fail a level you will lose a life, when you run out you can't play any levels. Your lives come back at a rate of 1 per 30 minutes, you can also ask friends for them, or buy them for gold bars. The gold bars allow you to purchase several things in the game, from extra lives to adding extra moves or special powerups in the game itself. The gold bars are only able to be bought for real money.

The Magic Beans have a special purpose, every few levels you will need to defeat Rancid Raccoon. To do that you need to complete a cropsie match game, and every time you match certain cropsies you will reduce Rancid’s health, the more cropsies you match at once the more health you remove. The Magic Beans help you by increasing the amount of damage you can cause to Rancid, at higher levels the beans are really useful as he is tough to beat. So its worth saving your Magic Beans for when you need them.

During the game, whenever you match 3 or more cropsies together the surrounding ones have a chance of gaining a charge. These charges increase the number of cropsies that count for your game when they get used. For example, if a sun gets 1 charge and you match 3 of them together they count as a total of 4 cropsies. So using the ones with charges really helps you complete levels and get a higher score.

When you dig out all the cropsies you need for a level if you have moves left you enter a “hero mode”. This will apply more charges to each cropsie, allowing you to score massive amounts of points at the end of a game, and can really help you get that 3rd star.

Being a Facebook game you can also invite your friends to play, doing so will give you the option to ask them for lives, and it will also show you their progress on the map, and they can see yours. You can also trade other in game items as well as give small boosts to your friends.

Farm Heroes Saga is a really well made game, with amazing graphics and cute animations it really grabs your attention. The game itself is a really nice take on the Gem Match style, and having the mini boss to defeat every so often is a nice twist.

Because every level is different the game never gets repetitive, and the addition of collecting animals and powerups is a huge boost to the gameplay, and gives you more of a measure of control over some of the harder levels.

Farm Heroes Saga is a truly amazing game, engaging really fun to play and with so much to do you will really enjoy your time here. Farm Heroes Saga Summary

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Match up cute cropsies together to complete levels.

Unlock animal friends to help you on the way and be the hero of the Farm.
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