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LINE Disney Tsum Tsum preview image
AndroidiOS Casual 3D Match 3
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Match those fluffy tsum tsum toys and earn points and rewards.

Beat other players’ scores and share your wins with LINE friends.

Enjoy a unique match 3 game with no grid.

They’re cute, they look cuddly, and they’re fun! These are Disney’s Tsum Tsum, the stackable plush toys that have now found their way to your mobile devices through Line Disney Tsum Tsum.

This dynamic game takes on the basic premise of match 3—that is, complete the levels by matching three or more items. However, it stands out for a variety of reasons.

One, the game doesn’t use a grid. Instead, the tsum tsums fall directly onto a pile, like the stackables they are. At first, the game feels difficult to play, perhaps because it’s something you’re not used to. The good thing is once you press on one of the characters, a line appears, telling you where to connect.

Moreover, it uses time instead of moves, but you don’t have to collect certain number of characters to complete the level. The allotted time is short, which is interesting because it makes you feel you want more.

If you want to maximize the time, you need to trigger the combos. Like other match 3, it happens when you pair usually more than four items. The bonuses can vary. For example, if you connect seven, you tend to activate a bomb, which destroys the surrounding plush toys.

One of the interesting bonuses triggers the fever, where you can match as many similar items as you like without affecting your time limit. You can only use this, though, if you link your tsum tsum, which you choose before playing. Fever is also a good time to rack up some major points and create a lot of combos.

You have the option to collect the other tsum tsums, but you need to choose the Happiness or the Premium boxes, and to reach there, you have to play a lot levels and games. The good thing is you’re going to earn some rubies, which you need when you’re low of hearts (life) and other items for playing. But if you don’t have enough rubies, you can just buy them using real money.

The game is designed to be interactive. After all, it’s in association with Line, which is a messaging app. In fact, you can use your account not only to log in but also to invite friends and play against them. In fact, after end of every game, you’ll get to see the highest score ever played. That makes Line Disney Tsum Tsum even more fun and engaging. As a tip, you can earn a couple of rubies when you encourage your pals to join.

The look of the game is pretty okay. You can still distinguish the beloved Disney characters, but sometimes you’d wish they’ll be clearer and bigger. The sound, though, fits the feel since it’s charming as well.

At first glance, Line: Disney Tsum Tsum feels like a children’s play, which may not be appealing to adults looking for games they can waste time with. However, once you give this a chance, you’ll know this is more than a match 3 game. It can be addiction. LINE Disney Tsum Tsum Summary

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Beat other players’ scores and share your wins with LINE friends.

Enjoy a unique match 3 game with no grid.
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