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Home Games Phase 10: World Tour
Phase 10: World Tour preview image
FacebookAndroid Card 3D UNO-likeCompetitiveRummy
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Complete phase objectives and empty your hand as fast as you can!

Play against challenging AIs in classic or journey modes

Go head-to-head against other players worldwide in its multiplayer mode

Developed and published by Mattel, Phase 10: World Tour is a fun and competitive card game that looks a bit like UNO and yet has a much different, more rummy-like gameplay. The game offers 2 game modes, classic mode and an Amazon-themed “Journey” mode which is designed to be short and fast to play. You can even go head-to-head with other players via its multiplayer mode!

Phase 10 might be a card game that may be new to many players and hence, the game comes with a fun and detailed tutorial which will not only explain the terminologies used in the game; but also guide you through several games just so you can see everything in action.

Now, the primary goal of any player who’s playing Phase 10 is to complete the phase objective. Sometimes, there’s only 1 objective while other times, you might need to complete 2 objectives in order to be able to complete a phase.

The objectives in this game usually require you to get a set of X number of cards (can be dependent on either the card number or the color) or a run which means you’ll need to collect a series of cards that are arranged in order of its value/number (the color doesn’t matter here).

Like UNO, Phase 10 also has “power-up cards”, namely the Wild card and the Skip card. The Wild card is able to fill in for any card you need to complete an objective, while the Skip card is designed to stop other players from playing their turn, effectively giving you a chance to end a phase before they can.

Not to mention, if you’re playing the classic mode, then you should know that there are 10 phases that you’ll need to go through before you can win the game. However, for the Amazon-themed “Journey” mode which offers shorter levels to play, most levels here only require you to complete a few phases to win the level.

What do you do if you’ve already completed the phase objectives? Well, the second goal to conclude a phase is to empty your hand of cards as fast as you can. You can do so by adding cards to completed phase objectives, including your opponents’ sides, and discarding your cards in the discard pile. Rinse and repeat until all phases are complete, and if you’re lucky enough, you might emerge as the winner of the game!

Now, for the game’s single-player (vs-AI) mode, you’ll need to use energy to play every new phase, and for the classic mode at least, you’ll drain your energy really quickly simply by playing a single game. Energy points restore by themselves over time, but like any freemium games out there, you can spend premium currency, which in this case is gems, to buy more energy.

You can also get some nice extra rewards by accumulating stars in the Journey mode of the game. Every level you play can award you up to 3 stars, and you’d want to collect as many of them as you can. Once you reached the allotted threshold, you’ll get your prize that usually consists of power-ups and coins. Of course, if you are a Star Pass member (VIP basically), you’ll get to unlock more bonuses.

Phase 10: World Tour comes with a multiplayer mode as well, allowing you to test your mettle against other players from all around the world. However, unlike the single-player modes, you’ll need to spend coins to enter a multiplayer match. How many coins you’ll get back depends on how well you do in the game. Naturally, you’ll get the most coins by winning.

Thankfully, the game does provide you with free coins that you can collect daily. You can even choose to triple the coins you get by watching a video ad. You can also watch other video ads to get extra coins up to 5 times a day.

As a freemium game, Phase 10: World Tour has an in-game shop that sells several items for real cash. You can use real money to buy gems and card packs (packs with power-ups and a bunch of other stuff), and you can, in turn, use the gems you’ve bought or obtained to buy coins, energy, and individual power-up cards.

Phase 10: World Tour is still fairly new and as such, it does have a smaller but still pretty sizeable player base for its multiplayer mode. So far, I have not needed to wait for too long to get into a match.

The graphics in this game are bright and colorful, in a way that’s very similar to UNO. The sound effects and music are nice as well, providing you with a pleasant atmosphere in which you can focus on your game and destroy your opponents.

In short, Phase 10: World Tour is a fun and family-friendly card game that’s designed to be accessible to players of all skill levels and ages. Even if you’ve never played a game of Phase 10 before, the tutorial in this game will be able to introduce you to all the basic elements of the game while giving you the freedom to come up with unique strategies on your own. Phase 10: World Tour Summary

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Play against challenging AIs in classic or journey modes

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