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AndroidiOS Casual 3D BuildingResortMatch 3Tropical
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Combine the matching fruits and have a blast!

Rebuild and shape the old tropical café the way you want it to be!

Make the place alive and attractive again for customers to visit.

You are the owner of an old, dilapidated café on a beautiful tropical island. Benjamin Stone, whose father knows you through some old friends, has arrived at the island where he has had many wonderful memories in the past. Join him as he reminisces the past of when he was growing up on the island, and work together to rebuild the café back to its former glory.

As with any drag-and-match style game, you grab a tile that is on the board, and move it in one of four directions (up, down, left, right) to replace the respective tile. The objective is to create a horizontal or vertical line of at least 3-matching tiles to “remove” them from the board. With more matching tiles being cleared in a go, you will receive a special booster to aid your adventure.

To start off, you obtain a Rocket booster by matching 4 tiles together. A Rocket booster can clear fruits in a cross shape from the point of origin, up to 1 tile on each side. When you get the chance to match up to 5 tiles, a Bomb booster will appear on the board. This booster is slightly more powerful than a Rocket booster and can clear a big square-ish area from the center of the explosion.

After getting the hang of the game, you might come across opportunities to match 6 or more tiles in a go. From this combination, the mighty Fireworks will be planted on the board waiting to wreak havoc. Unleash the Fireworks to clear a huge area on the board.

There are a number of ways to activate boosters. The most direct approach is to double tap on the booster itself, and this will cause it to go off on the current tile it is sitting on. On a more intermediate level, you can move the booster with the tile adjacent to it, and by creating a match of the tile through this process, you will activate the booster as well. By doing so, you obtain more coins while using fewer moves. Last, but not least, you can activate multiple boosters at the same time as long as they are connected together, using the previous strategy of simply tapping on one of them.

Besides the explosive boosters, there is also a special charge-up booster called the Rainbow Flower. This gauge fills up with every explosion caused on the board, and when the gauge is full, a rainbow flower will be placed on the board. Swapping it with any of the tiles beside it will cause all of that particular tile to be cleared from the board.

Each stage has its own goals to reach, and you must do so in a limited amount of moves. By clearing a stage, you will receive a star which you can use to do specific Tasks on your Notepad, which in turn progresses the story and you can unlock new furniture and structures. Additional moves left behind after you reached the goal of the stage will be turned into random boosters across the board, which will net you a large sum of bonus coins at the end. So make sure to clear the stage in fewer moves!

In the event that you run out of moves before reaching the goal, you will be given a choice to use some coins to resume the stage or lose a heart. Hearts replenish over time, at the rate of 1 every 30 minutes.

The in-game shop allows you to purchase a myriad of colorful furniture and structures with the coins you have earned. You can also purchase certain items using real-world currency.

So, to sum up, if you are a fan of bright and visually appealing matching-3 puzzle games, you'll want to check this free game out. You won’t regret it! Tropical Forest Summary

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Saturday, March 9, 2019

New Game Added: Tropical Forest

Tropical Forest: Rocket Chained fruits in Tropical Forest Tropical Forest: Bomb Combine the matching fruits and have a blast!

Rebuild and shape the old tropical café the way you want it to be!

Make the place alive and attractive again for customers to visit.
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