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Games Like Bejeweled Blitz

Top 10 Games Like Bejeweled Blitz
Speed is the name of the game in Bejeweled Blitz! Bejeweled Blitz is a speedier take on the classic Bejeweled match-3 gem game mechanic.

Your goal is to make as many matches as you can in 60-seconds to really make your score soar! But you won't be going it alone!

There are special ways to enhance your Bejeweled Blitz game - like Boosts (power-ups like Scrambler, which moves all the gems around the board or +5 seconds, to add 5 seconds more gem-matching time!) and the popular, Rare Gems.

Rare Gems are like extra-special power-ups that can REALLY take your game to the next level!
Juice Cubes

Juice Cubes

Match 3 8 Rate Match together delicious and tasty fruit in this fun and engaging puzzle game.

Try to match together a large number of fruit in one go to earn bonus points and get some in-game powerups.

Try to complete the level fast and with the least amount of moves possible to earn a higher score at the end.
Lost Jewels

Lost Jewels

Match 3 8.9 Rate Play an exciting game on Facebook. Match jewels, unleash magic crystals and compete with your friends.

Travel through the ages as you make combos and set the highest score among your friends.

Overcome obstacles in this epic adventure and find the lost jewels.
Gem Clash

Gem Clash

Match 3 6 Rate Play solo in the adventure mode, or against other players.

Each game is timed so you need to be fast.

The highest total points score wins!
Super Gem Heroes

Gem Heroes

Match 3 3 Rate Play Super Gem Heroes Free - on Facebook!

Team-up with Gem Boy and Ruby-loo as they travel through Dreamland in search of the devious Boogeyman!

Can you help them recover all of Gem Boy's stuffed animals?

Mix and combine Gems to unleash Gem Boy's super powers! Play with friends to compete for the highest score. Be the first to rescue all of Gem Boy's stuffed companions and save Dreamland! Play now!
Jelly Glutton

Jelly Glutton

Match 3 8.5 Rate Help Jelly the little Glutton to travel through the marvelous world of food!

Match three pieces or more to make them disappear and win the game!

Through 4 exclusive and innovative game modes, Jelly Glutton will make you taste all the flavors of its 10 worlds.


Match 3 6.2 Rate Pengle is a refreshingly cool match 3 game that’s simple to play and great fun and you can play free on Facebook.

Match the brightly colored blocks together in groups of 3 or more.

Help Pete the Penguin save his ocean friends from the oil spill.

Master the simple controls to show your the best Pengle Player.
Tower Story

Tower Story

Match 3 10 Rate Match the coloured critters together to make them disappear taking the order with them.

Use bombs and special abilities to help you clear the levels.

Activate powerups to give you huge bonuses.
Gems IQ

Gems IQ

Match 3 3 Rate Team up with friends and unlock reward booster for your team and see who is the smartest.

Play an exciting and addictive games of gems, with plenty of features and a lot of fun.

Move through the levels and set higher scores for your friends to beat and show your IQ.
Smoothie Swipe

Smoothie Swipe

Match 3 6.9 Rate Play Smoothie Swipe and enjoy some fantastic match game action. Roll over these delicious fruits to meet orders and make fabulous smoothies.

Create lines of matching fruits of 3 or more.

Use powerups to clear difficult fruits.

Create lemons by making lines of 5 or more.
Jewel Journey

Jewel Journey

Match 3 7.9 Rate Play a fantastic match 3 style game where you choose the look of the gems. Collect the artifacts and take a fantastic trip in this Facebook Game.

Match gems and collect artifacts on your journey.

Choose your gems style and background.

Use in game powers and special items to win.