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गेम्स लाइक Bubble Blitz

शीर्ष 10 खेलों की तरह Bubble Blitz
बबल बिल्टज में आपका स्वागत है सबसे आसक्त करने वाले फेसबुक पर 60 सेकण्ड गेम में ! 3 या ज्यादा पोप या ड्रोप बबल मिलाइये जितनी जल्दी आप मिला सकते है !

बबल बिल्टज खेलना आसान है पर चुनोति भरा है यह सुनिश्चिित करता है कि आपक हर वक्त मजा लेंगे जब भी आप खेलेंगे इससे कोइ फर्क नही पढता कि आप अनुभवी है या नये खिलाडी गेम में

दोस्तो के साथ खेलिये - साप्ताहिक टूरनामेंट में की विजेता सूचि में उपर उठिये ! अपने दोस्तो को चुनोति दीजिये कि आप उनके स्कोर को पीछे छाड सकते हैं ।
Bubble Island

Bubble Island

बबल शूटर 8,7 मुल्यांकन Start the competition now in a fast, colorful, and social arcade experience.

Enjoy unleashing awesome boosts and beat your friends high scores in the Weekly Tournament.

You have 60 action packed seconds to match three or as many colorful bubbles as possible.
Bubble Atlantis

Bubble Atlantis

बबल शूटर 8,4 मुल्यांकन Free the deep sea creatures and turn the tide against Zeus in this great bubble s game.

Find the 8 magic pearls hidden in this underwater realm and reach the highest scores.

Get power-ups, win rewards and complete all the levels in your mission to free Atlantis!
Bubble Safari

Bubble Safari

बबल शूटर 9,4 मुल्यांकन Help Bubbles in the quest to save his friends!

Pop bubbles, get on fire, defeat poachers and beat hazards on this awesome safari adventure.

Collect Fruit to fuel Bubble's amazing journey!
Bubble Country

Bubble Country

बबल शूटर 8,5 मुल्यांकन Pop matching bubbles in this great bubbles game and win fantastic prizes.

Earn coins and exciting bonuses to enhance your game experience with powerful boosts.

Start your great adventure with more than 100 unique levels across Bubble Country.
Bubble Origins

Bubble Origins

बबल शूटर 8 मुल्यांकन Bubble Origins is a promising bubble puzzle game.

The match 3 game with a kaleidoscope of colourful acid levels, fantastic graphics and inspiring sounds will take any sadness away. Fascinating gameplay causes great amusement and lets you plunge into the fairy world of playing bubbles. Everyone is a bit crazy in this WonderLand!

Meet merry fellow Panda and overcome any difficulties playing together with your friends!

Bubble Origins is a perfect application for the fun lovers of any age!
Bubble Adventures


बबल शूटर 6,2 मुल्यांकन Bubble Adventures is a cool little bubble shooter game, easy to play through facebook!

Bubble Adventures is a fast paced bubble shooter, think on your feet timed version of the game.

Every 30 seconds, your top bar will move down, pushing you closer and closer to the bottom, making you shoot ever faster.

40 islands, each with 5 levels of gameplay mean there is much for you to explore!
Bubble Pirate Quest

Bubble Pirate

बबल शूटर 8,4 मुल्यांकन Begin your exciting new adventure on Bubble Pirate Quest.

Go through dozens of different challenging levels and clear all of them for the highest score.

Enjoy excellent graphics and voice on Facebook and mobile.
Bubble Cooking

Bubble Cooking

बबल शूटर 9 मुल्यांकन Shoot Bubbles to complete levels.

Collect dishes of food for rewards.

Spice up your games to get the best results.
Bubble Land

Bubble Land

बबल शूटर 7 मुल्यांकन Help Frank and Kip rescue the birds.

Use your bubble skills to shoot down the cages.

Use amazing powerups and special abilities to get awesome scores.
Bubble Chronicles

Bubble Chronicles

बबल शूटर 7,8 मुल्यांकन Play Bubble Planet free on Facebook and help rescue a missing grandfather in this exciting bubble shooter game.

Help the children find their grandfather.

Shoot bubbles and score extra points for dropping them into barrels.

Join this epic journey as you travel through time.