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Post Meno Recenti mercoledì, aprile 29, 2015

Nuovo Gioco Aggiunto: Color Quest

Color Quest Dynamites and Rockets Power Blocks Color Quest Color Quest Tree Fort Village Set into the colorful world of Ollie and Mo and help them fight against the Evil Magician.

Pair-up and use same colored blocks and meet the level objectives to drive off the black oil creatures.

Combine 7 or more blocks to retrieve powerful items to help you blow-up more colored blocks.
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martedì, aprile 28, 2015

Gingerbread Man level in Cookie Jam

Gingerbread Man level in Cookie Jam These levels present a fun and cute new twist, these Gingerbread Men that climb up the sweets, but if they reach the top you are in trouble. Leggi di Più
lunedì, aprile 27, 2015

Nuovo Articolo Aggiunto: Are There Tactics in Match 3 Games

Are There Tactics in Match 3 Games preview image Many people think Match 3 games are easy and simple, but it turns out these games have more than meets the eye, read on for a summary of the tactics in these amazing games. Leggi di Più
venerdì, aprile 24, 2015

Nuovo Gioco Aggiunto: Game of Stones

Game of Stones Blocks of Ice Fire Spell in Game of Stones Game of Stones Map of Progress Help Anton get through the perilous test that hones to challenge his magical skills.

Strategize in order to beat the levels with the shortest amount of moves to achieve the 3-star rating.

Enjoy this wonderful block-buster game with all its 80 challenging levels to beat.
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lunedì, aprile 20, 2015

What Game Are You?

What Game Are You? There is a new quiz that has been added to the amazing WWGDB and in it you can find out what game you are. Take the quiz today and see for yourself! Leggi di Più
sabato, aprile 18, 2015

Nuovo Gioco Aggiunto: Fruity Jam Adventures

Fruity Jams Adventures Jam Making Game Boosters Fruity Jams Adventures Fruity Jams Adventures Levels Indulge in a mouth-watering gaming experience in this jam-filled puzzle adventure.

Solve the given puzzles of the levels and match the fruits to produce jams.

Enjoy the perfect concoction of a unique match-three game in this deliciously addictive treat.
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sabato, aprile 18, 2015

Nuovo Gioco Aggiunto: Paw-Pal Puzzle

Paw-Pal Puzzle's Sweet Bird on a Glass Wooden Stick Challenge in Paw-Pal Puzzle Paw-Pal Puzzle Map and Levels Experience a wonderful match-3 game experience in this fun-filled puzzle adventure.

Solve multitudes of unique levels each with their own layouts and sets of challenges.

Perform 4 and 5 tile combinations to give yourself an edge during the game with special boosters.
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domenica, aprile 12, 2015

Nuovo Gioco Aggiunto: Treasures of Rome

Treasures of Rome Chains Level Gameplay for Treasures of Rome Treasures of Rome Gameplay Enjoy a fun and engaging match-3 experience with a really unique theme.

Complete tons of distinct levels with great designs in this epic journey.

Journey through the various locations of Rome as you progress through this addicting game.
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giovedì, aprile 9, 2015

Nuovo Gioco Aggiunto: Goodies

Goodies Bomb Boost Hindrances and Objectives in Goodies Goodies and Exploring its World Enjoy another addicting candy matching experience.

Utilize special candies to breeze through the level’s objectives.

Solve the multitudes of challenges and beat the levels to help Dino earn his candies.
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martedì, aprile 7, 2015

Tall and Golden Tasks in Jewelion

Golden Tasks in Jewelion Jewelion is a fantastic match 3 game where you are challenged to match the same colored sacred stones and to qualify a number of additional objectives. Leggi di Più
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