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Archiwum Bloga

Starsze Posty sobota, października 10, 2015

Dodano Nowy Artykuł: Power-Ups in Match-3 Games

Power-Ups in Match-3 Games preview image Every single person who plays match-3 games will agree that the key things that gives these games most of their flavor are the incredible power-ups that players get to utilize during their play. Czytaj Dalej
piątek, stycznia 15, 2016

Dodano Nową Grę: Match-3 Hidden Treasure Hunt

Timed mode in Match-3 Hidden Treasure Hunt Match-3 Hidden Treasure Hunt: Jelly tiles Depth charge in Match-3 Hidden Treasure Hunt: Match up 3 or more sea creatures to clear them from your path

Use power-ups to your advantage to complete the level goals

Explore the mysterious island in search of the legendary hidden treasures
Czytaj Dalej
piątek, stycznia 15, 2016

GameIS Best Indie Mobile Game Winner: Icy Run

GameIS Best Indie Mobile Game Winner: Icy Run Don't miss out on this award-winning and fun casual game, Icy Run, and be the first of your friends to try it out! Czytaj Dalej
sobota, stycznia 2, 2016

Dodano Nową Grę: El Dorado Quest

Completing Artifacts in El Dorado Quest El Dorado Quest Varied Tile Properties Artifact Level Map in El Dorado Quest Join Bob and Jane on their adventure into the Amazon, scouring for the famed ancient Incan civilization.

Collect and piece together the lost artifacts of this once brimming culture to fetch you progress.

Play through a variety of mechanics compounded with the every step of the way to get you challenged.
Czytaj Dalej
środa, stycznia 13, 2016

Dodano Nową Grę: Subway Surfers

Bonus Multiplier in Subway Surfers Subway Surfers Coin Magnet Spraypaint Powered Jetpack in Subway Surfers Outrun the train yard inspector in an endless runner type of game.

Earn power-ups along the tracks to give you momentary boosts along the game.

Purchase boosters or special boards to get you some leverage early in the game.
Czytaj Dalej
piątek, listopada 27, 2015

Dodano Nową Grę: Bits of Sweets

Bits of Sweets heart shaped level Bits of Sweets map Bits of Sweets easy level Enjoy this fun filled match-3 game that’s full of fun and memorable moments for all its players.

Rotate the bonus wheel daily to see what cool prizes you can earn from it.

Play through the expertly crafted levels in this delightful adventure and hone your skills.
Czytaj Dalej
niedziela, stycznia 3, 2016

Dodano Nową Grę: Cursed House 2

Tile Variety in Cursed House 2 Cursed House 2: Banishing Demon Level Blowing Tiles with Skill in Cursed House 2 Play through the hands of the mighty King of the Demons as he imprisoned you on a cursed house.

Collect and gather magical powers for your amulet to help banish evil spirits, ghosts, and demons.

Play through the varied mechanics of the Match 3 game in every level to get you challenged.
Czytaj Dalej
czwartek, września 24, 2015

Dodano Nową Grę: The Heavens

The Heavens Character Creation Match 3 Battles in The Heavens The Heaven Hero Build and Stats Earn pride among the Valiant Guardians of the land, and scour the heavens for epic battles.

Choose among 6 cults, divided by 2 fractions: Love, Joy and Valor against Suffering, Hate and Fear.

Battle by the means of a match-3 game to earn mana, perform an attack, or heal your hero.
Czytaj Dalej
środa, stycznia 6, 2016

Dodano Nową Grę: Bubble Shot

Yellow bubble in Bubble Shot Bubble Shot: A hit! Accurate aim in Bubble Shot Enjoy some fast-paced arcade action with Bubble Shot!

Accurately aim and shoot at the bubbles thrown up into the sky

Earn coins and buy power-ups to ramp up the fun!
Czytaj Dalej
czwartek, stycznia 7, 2016

Dodano Nowy Artykuł: Icy Run: Best Indie Mobile Game for 2015

Icy Run: Best Indie Mobile Game for 2015 preview image Developed as a side project by 2 of our reviewers, it was a very proud moment for us when Icy Run won the title of “Best Indie Mobile Game for 2015”. Czytaj Dalej
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