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Archiwum Bloga

Starsze Posty środa, października 31, 2018

Dodano Nową Grę: Bubble Sorcery

Bubble Sorcery gameplay Bubble Sorcery fun level Bubble Sorcery level selection Enjoy this fun and addicting bubble shooting game that you can sink quite a bit of time into.

Complete the levels as quickly as you can to get the highest score possible.

Bounce the bubbles of walls in order to hit hard to reach spots.
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wtorek, października 30, 2018

Dodano Nową Grę: Save Halloween 2: Travel to Hell

Save Halloween 2: Travel to Hell gameplay Save Halloween 2: Travel to Hell fun level Save Halloween 2: Travel to Hell making progress Get hooked on this incredible match-3 game that’s sure to get you into the holiday spirit.

Battle the Lord of the Underworld himself and defeat him in order to prevent the blood moon from rising.

Enjoy many expertly crafted levels that are sure to test your skills as you progress through the game.
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poniedziałek, października 29, 2018

Dodano Nową Grę: Creative Trio

Creative Trio gameplay Creative Trio fun level Creative Trio making progress Enjoy this exciting match-3 game that’ll have you hooked until you’ve made it through to the end.

Play an array of expertly crafted levels, each with a distinct design.

Utilize power-ups and bonuses along your journey to get some assistance when things become tough.
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sobota, października 27, 2018

Dodano Nową Grę: Jewel Pop: Treasure Island

Jewel Pop: Treasure Island Tap Tiles Jewel Pop: Treasure Island Complete Levels Jewel Pop: Treasure Island Get Rewards Collect the precious jewels from under the sea.

Beat the different twists and challenges of the game.

Activate amazing power-ups and boosters to get high scores.
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czwartek, października 25, 2018

Dodano Nową Grę: 4 Seasons Bubbles

4 Seasons Bubbles: Drop the lemon Level selection in 4 Seasons Bubbles 4 Seasons Bubbles: Switch bubbles Pop bubbles by matching at least 3 bubbles of the same color together

Use few moves as you can to pop the bubble with the lemon

Click on the bubble beside the cannon to switch bubbles
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środa, października 24, 2018

Dodano Nową Grę: Discover Ancient Rome

Playing mahjong in Discover Ancient Rome Discover Ancient Rome: Level selection Spot the difference in Discover Ancient Rome Travel around ancient Rome to discover various magnificent architectures

Have fun playing mahjong games and spot-the-difference games

Feel free to use hints or shuffle to complete a level if you need to

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wtorek, października 23, 2018

Dodano Nową Grę: 2048 Grow Up

Gameplay in 2048 Grow Up 2048 Grow Up: Match to grow the boy up Discover new tiles in 2048 Grow Up Match 2 tiles of the same type to grow the baby boy up

Swipe or use the arrow keys provided to move the tiles

Complete the objective to proceed to the next level
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niedziela, października 21, 2018

Dodano Nową Grę: Connect Four

An easy win in Connect Four Connect Four: Rigged a trap Playing as red in Connect Four Be the first to connect four chips together to win

Use your chips to block your AI opponent from connecting its chips

Choose one of four difficulty levels to play
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piątek, października 19, 2018

Dodano Nową Grę: Fruit Mania: Elly's Travel

Fruit Mania: Elly's Travel Collect Rewards Fruit Mania: Elly's Travel Make a Match Fruit Mania: Elly's Travel Complete Levels Collect the fruits to feed the elephants.

Match items in different patterns.

Get strategic when it comes to challenges and barriers.
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środa, października 17, 2018

Dodano Nową Grę: Classic Frog

Riding a fish in Classic Frog Classic Frog: Waiting for a fish Reached the lily pad in Classic Frog Help the little green frog safely cross the busy path

Use the fishes as a stepping stone to reach the lily pad

Guide all 5 frogs home to proceed to the next level
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