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Postagens mais Antigas terça-feira, março 31, 2015

Novo Artigo Adicionado: The Charm of Match-3 Games

The Charm of Match-3 Games preview image There are a lot of casual games these days and many of them are Match 3, so what is it that gets us playing them and why are they so attractive? Leia Mais
segunda-feira, março 30, 2015

Novo Jogo Adicionado: Jewelion

Jewelion Hammer Level Jewelion Amethyst Objective Jewelion Gold Plate Objective Enjoy a fun-filled adventure as you enter the magical world of Fairosel.

Solve puzzles to train and become a worthy apprentice to the great Archons.

Try to learn and harness power of the sacred stones yourself in Jewelion.
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sábado, março 28, 2015

Pet Rescue Saga Gameplay

Pet Rescue Saga Gameplay Pet Rescue Saga is a brilliant game and here you can see how to complete one of its many fun levels, in particular this is level 383. Leia Mais
quarta-feira, março 25, 2015

Novo Jogo Adicionado: Toy Blast

Toy Blast Rocket Gameplay for Toy Blast Toy Blast Gameplay Protect the tiny toys from the dangers that lie ahead by removing them from the game board.

Explore an exciting set of levels filled with different dangers and challenges that you can experience at all times.

Connect with your friends and improve each other’s gameplay as you see fit.
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terça-feira, março 24, 2015

Novo Artigo Adicionado: Match-3 Games in WWGDB

Match-3 Games in WWGDB preview image Match 3 games are a highly popular genre in the casual game category and it is no surprise that when we started a brand spanking new website, we dedicated an entire section to it! Interested? Do read on! Leia Mais
domingo, março 22, 2015

Enjoy the Stunning Berry Rush

Enjoy the Stunning Berry Rush Berry Rush is a fantastic new match 3 game where it is up to you to collect enough fruits to make sure the party happens. Leia Mais
sexta-feira, março 20, 2015

Level 55 in Bubble Witch Saga 2

Level 55 in Bubble Witch Saga 2 If you are stuck on this level here is a nice and easy to watch video where you can see how it can be done. Leia Mais
terça-feira, março 17, 2015

Novo Jogo Adicionado: Tiny Planets

Tiny Planets Ice Planets Gameplay for Tiny Planets Tiny Planets Gameplay Enjoy a fun and addictive match-3 experience with a unique and exciting theme that’s sure to please.

Play through the tons of amazing and uniquely designed levels in this epic match-3 adventure.

Utilize cool power-ups along the way to give yourself a much needed edge in those tough levels.
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sábado, março 14, 2015

Kettle Bells in Bubble Chronicles

Kettle Bells in Bubble Chronicles When you are trying to collect the bubbles in this game you come across these black weights, which stop you making matches because the only way to drop them is to pop the bubbles they attach too. Leia Mais
quarta-feira, março 11, 2015

Fun Cake Level in Cookie Jam

Fun Cake Level in Cookie Jam In this level you have to drop down cakes for customers at the bottom of the board, with a few obstacles in your way too. Leia Mais
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