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Postagens mais Antigas Quarta-feira, Janeiro 30, 2019

Novo Jogo Adicionado: Angry Birds Dream Blast

Angry Birds Dream Blast gameplay Angry Birds Dream Blast popping bubbles Angry Birds Dream Blast making progress Blast bubbles in this exciting puzzle game that you won’t be able to get enough of once you start playing.

Enjoy a variety of challenging levels as you progress through the game.

Utilize the powers of special birds during challenging levels to get some additional assistance.
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Quinta-feira, Janeiro 24, 2019

Novo Jogo Adicionado: UNO!

UNO! Spectating a game Scratch cards in UNO! UNO! Team play Enjoy the exciting UNO game that you know and love with your family and friends

Experience brand new ways of playing UNO whether it is playing as a team or in the "fast and furious" Go Wild mode

Socialize with other players, spectate their games and send them gifts
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Sexta-feira, Janeiro 18, 2019

Legendary Card Game UNO! Launches on Mobile Devices Worldwide

Legendary Card Game UNO! Launches on Mobile Devices Worldwide Mattel163, the first joint development and publishing venture between Mattel and NetEase releases a specially enhanced version of the world’s most popular card game today for iOS and Android devices. Leia Mais
Sexta-feira, Janeiro 18, 2019

Novo Jogo Adicionado: Sailor Pop

Image Alt Image Alt Image Alt Click on clusters of colored fishes to "pop" them

Complete the level with the fewest moves to gain more points

Float the treasure chest to the surface by removing all the fishes in between
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Sexta-feira, Janeiro 18, 2019

Novo Jogo Adicionado: Juicy Dash

Power-ups in Juicy Dash Juicy Dash: Matching bananas Jam in Juicy Dash Match 3 or more of these delicious fruits in order to slice them

Create power-ups by matching more fruits together

Reach the required score to move on to the next level
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Sexta-feira, Janeiro 11, 2019

Novo Jogo Adicionado: Drift Box

Drift Box starting off Drift Box making progress Drift Box gameplay Enjoy this delightful hyper casual game that’s going to keep you glued to your screen for quite some time.

Navigate through the challenging course in order to take the box as far as you possibly can.

Make use of the magnet to collect coins with ease as you make your way through the game’s challenges.
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Quinta-feira, Janeiro 10, 2019

Giveaway for Victoria, a Horror-Themed Match-3 Adventure Game

Giveaway for Victoria, a Horror-Themed Match-3 Adventure Game Get ready to be spooked in this supernatural-themed match-3 adventure game, Victoria! Leia Mais
Quarta-feira, Janeiro 9, 2019

Novo Jogo Adicionado: Victoria

Victoria: Gameplay Battling a vengeful spirit in Victoria Victoria: Charging up your weapon Help Victoria get her vengeance against the poltergeist who killed her entire family

Match 3 or more weapon tiles to charge up your weapons before you can use them

Get ready to be frightened by the game’s eerie atmosphere and occasional jump scares
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Terça-feira, Janeiro 8, 2019

Novo Jogo Adicionado: Fruita Swipe 2

Fruita Swipe 2: Power-ups Level selection in Fruita Swipe 2 Fruita Swipe 2: Making a match Swipe to chain at least 3 of the same fruits together and collect them

Complete each level by collecting the required number and types of fruits

Use power-ups like bombs to collect fruits faster

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Segunda-feira, Janeiro 7, 2019

Novo Jogo Adicionado: Kaboom Cactus

Kaboom Cactus gameplay Kaboom Cactus challenging level Kaboom Cactus level selection Pop all the balloons and test your skills in this exciting casual puzzle game that doesn’t disappoint.

Move from plant to plant in the most efficient manner possible while getting rid of all the balloons in your path.

Enjoy a top notch soundtrack and exciting visuals as you progress through the game.
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