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Postări mai Vechi luni, martie 18, 2019

Joc Nou Adăugat: Pet Rescue Puzzle Saga

Pet Rescue Puzzle Saga: At the pet shelter Level selection in Pet Rescue Puzzle Saga Pet Rescue Puzzle Saga: Save the bear Lend Fern the Fox a hand as she tries to rescue as many pets as she can

Enjoy blasting blocks by tapping on them; you might even get some special power-ups too!

Develop the shelter to give these cute animals a nicer home and have fun playing with these pets
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marţi, martie 12, 2019

Joc Nou Adăugat: Town Story

Town Story: Coins Charging a power-up in Town Story Town Story: Power-ups Start a fantastic garden adventure that submerges us in a fantastic narrative about a girl who lost her memory and is trying to remember her life.

Decorate the mansion as you like, and take care of your candy garden. Don’t let the chocolate ruin your precious flowers.

Follow the objectives, and complete each of the entertaining and creatives match-3 puzzles, and enjoy the difficulty at is goes up each level.
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sâmbătă, martie 9, 2019

Joc Nou Adăugat: Tropical Forest

Tropical Forest: Rocket Chained fruits in Tropical Forest Tropical Forest: Bomb Combine the matching fruits and have a blast!

Rebuild and shape the old tropical café the way you want it to be!

Make the place alive and attractive again for customers to visit.
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vineri, martie 8, 2019

Joc Nou Adăugat: Bubble Spirit

Bubble Spirit: Gameplay Explosive bubbles in Bubble Spirit Bubble Spirit: Pop colorful bubbles Pop colorful bubbles by matching them up

Click and hold to aim your bubble shooter

Swap bubbles by clicking on the Exchange icon
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miercuri, martie 6, 2019

Joc Nou Adăugat: Duo Cards

Duo Cards: Cards in hand Wild card in Duo Cards Duo Cards: Was served a +4 card Play UNO for free and on your browser via Duo Cards

Use power cards like Wild and Draw 2 or 4 cards to hinder your opponents

Be the first to clear all the cards away from your hand to win
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miercuri, martie 6, 2019

Joc Nou Adăugat: Typoman Mobile

Typoman Mobile gameplay Typoman Mobile making progress Typoman Mobile acquiring new abilities Enjoy this top tier platformer game that’s quite unlike anything else out there.

Make your way through a dark and cryptic world while overcoming any obstacles that come in your path.

Solve challenging and engaging puzzles that are sure to push your skills to the test.
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sâmbătă, martie 2, 2019

Joc Nou Adăugat: Orange Ranch

Orange Ranch: Plant more trees A customer in Orange Ranch Orange Ranch: Bubble shooter mini-game Harvest oranges from your orange tree by playing a bubble shooter mini-game

Sell oranges, orange juice or orange ice cream for some cash

Use the money to plant high-yield orange trees or to upgrade your orange stand
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joi, februarie 28, 2019

Joc Nou Adăugat: Rancho Blast

Rancho Blast: Beehive Haystacks in Rancho Blast Rancho Blast: Tornado Match and blast the tiles of fruits and vegetables to earn some cash.

Stack combos and manage the ranch animals.

Renovate and repair the necessary structures to make your ranch the best there is.
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joi, februarie 21, 2019

Joc Nou Adăugat: Dragons: Titan Uprising

Dragons: Titan Uprising training dragons Dragons: Titan Uprising fun level Dragons: Titan Uprising level selection Play this exciting match-3 game that’s been inspired by a beloved movie series that has fans across the world.

Match together as many objects as you can to deal damage and defeat the dragons in your path.

Use the abilities of your own dragons to deal even more damage and increase your chances of winning.
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luni, februarie 18, 2019

Joc Nou Adăugat: Park Town

Park Town starting off Park Town gameplay Park Town building a park Build your very own park in this exciting match-3 game that doesn’t cease to impress.

Complete match-3 levels to collect bonuses that will help you restore the park to its former glory.

Use decorations of various different kinds to fine-tune the look of your park according to your liking and preferences.
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